...Early this year my 3DS started giving me the black Screen of Doom (BSOD).  It all started while I was trying to take a video of my little girl riding a bike.  I rushed and called NOA for assistance, they told me that the system was in need of a repair and that it was STILL on warranty.  I felt a relieve and send my dear system to them.  After the system arrived to the repair center they wrote me an e-mail and told me that I "broke" the system.  I was in shock cause yeah, the system did felt a couple of times but it wasn't from a great height and it has a protective cover.  So I thought it was bad luck for me.  They also told me that in order to repair the system I had to pay $65 or they will return it to me as it was.  I had no choice but to do so.  I also asked them to send me prove (pictures) of the system condition and that I should receive the broken parts back.  But it was denied both of my request.  Once the system repaired and sent back to me it was working like it was suppose to.  I never let it touch the cold ground again.



Two days ago the same dreadful screen appeared.  "WTF?" I thought, it never felt this time around and there is NO WAY in hell I will pay $65 "AGAIN" to get it fix. So I did what anybody in my position would.  I googled the answer.  EUREKA!  I found a "possible" solution.  So I said, what can I loose.  So I opened the battery cover and then the back cover of the system. there was it, the WiFi part, it was just loose, I place it in position once again, close the system and test it.


What a shock, the system was like "NEW" again.  The whole problem was a lose part in the system that is easy to let it loose with a decent shock to the system's case.  That part was not safely secured by Nintendo in the first place.


So why NOA's repair center came up with a crappy excuse for a problem that was caused by their lack of a better secure method for that part in the first place?  To cover the flaw in the system?  I will never know, but I want to tell the world about it.