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Should I get a DSi , DSiXL, or 3DS?

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  • I've been wanting to get one of the recent Nintendo handhelds for a while now (last one I had was the GBA) but with such a selection out there I'm none too sure. I figured that those who would care to share their stories of their (see title) and just the different aspects, mainly performance, games, and features, would help me finalize my decision. Please help...

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  • Get the DSiXl out. It a waste. Now, the 3ds has cool technology, but there arent as many good games out for it right now. The DSi has more good games for it, and right now its cheaper. Theres also the downloadable games you can buy too on both. THe 3ds has the addition of the virtual console service too.

    I'd just get the DSi right now, because its cheaper, and there are more great games on it. Wait a little longer for the 3ds

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  • Get the 3DS.  All the great games for DSi can be played on 3DS.   Plus 3DS shop have a good list of GBA games to download.

  • I have to recommend the 3DS. Yes, it may not have dozens of amazing titles like the original DS, but it's library is still growing. For one, you'd be able to play both DS and 3DS games, the 3DS has more features (AR,3D camera,Netflix,Hulu,etc.), you'd be able to to buy all the good DSi ware plus the amazing 3DS ware games on the Nintendo eShop, and finally you'd be able to download old games like Gameboy, GameBoy Color, NES, and Game Gear games. The 3DS is the best buy for what you're paying (seeing as a DSi XL is the same price as a 3DS).

  • I highly recommend the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is backwards compatible meaning that it can play all Nintendo DS games. Also, the Nintendo eShop provides lots of amazing and fun content including DSiWare, 3DSWare, Gameboy games, Game Gear games, NES game, Nintendo Video, Pokedex 3D, etc. Plus, there are some extremely fun 3DS games on the market (and more to come) including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokemon Rumble Blast, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and many more games. The built-in content (AR Games, Face Raiders, etc.) are really fun too. Out of the DSi, DSiXL, and the 3DS, I think that you should get the 3DS.

  • I'd recommend the DSi, maybe the xl. For one reason; the 3ds lite is coming sometime, it's gonna fix all the issues of the 3ds[no second circle pad/ bad battery], and by the time it's here, the 3ds library will be much more fleshed out.

    In the mean time, you have litterally dozens of AAA DS games to entertain yourself with.

    Hope you like adventure, puzzle, strategy, rpgs, and platformers. I personally recommend Bowser's inside story, as my pick for 'game of the system'.

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  • 3DS. it's not that expensive anymore and the line up is really improving esp. with dsi titles it can also play.

    only downside i see is the poor battery, but i guess to support the 3d-ness it's worth it.

  • obviously the 3ds. all games on the old DS work with the 3DS,plus alot of good games are on the e-shop,(metroid,pac-man,crush,push-mo) so get the 3DS. the 3DS lite rumors, i dont know, you could by a nyko battery for the 3ds that extends the life to 5-8 hours. and the circle pad add-on is only 20 $ and requires only one battery.

  • 3DS

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  • Get the 3DS good games. Real 3D (it really is) (i know because i have one) cool colors. A purple one is on its way. the colors of 3DS are black (then there is another black with tri force symbol from zelda on it) aqua blue Midnight Purple Gold Flame Red Green. DsiXl Sucks. Eshop has good games from everywhere from 1.99 to 12.99 Built in content (ar games Mii Maker Face Raiders etc.) Rule. get a Red 3DS.

  • Always buy the best technology that’s available that you can afford.  

  • I would get the 3ds. The 3ds does everything that the other 2 can do but my only problem  is that the stylus is on a wired place. Other than that, you can play all DS games and the 3ds games. There will be alot of great games later in the future but they have some pretty good games now like Kid Iccurus, Super Mario Bros, Ocarina of time Luigi mansion 2 is coming out so they will get better games.

  • I say 3DS. You can get most of the possible games on the DSi and GBA and before that(like NES, GB) on the 3DS system thanks to the Nintendo  eshop.

  • 3DS

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  • sekaniy:

    Get the 3DS.  All the great games for DSi can be played on 3DS.   Plus 3DS shop have a good list of GBA games to download.

    The only GBA games downloadable on the 3DS are the Ambassador titles, which are not in the eShop for everyone else to download.  It's Virtual Console is currently limited to original black-n-white (was actually green-n-yellow) Game boy games, with Game Gear on the horizon.

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