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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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    Bustin: Did you read reviews for this game ??? Not to mention a 32 gb hard drive is ridiculously small. I have a USB key bigger than that. I've read the reviews for the game and most of them said that it's a pretty good game. I'm just not completely sure yet since i'm not a big fan of...
  • Forum Post: Should I buy the Wii U ZombiU Bundle?

    As you may already know, I still don't have a Nintendo Wii U, but I am planning on buying one sometime near the fourth of July this year. Before then, i've been scouring the Internet for good deals on a Nintendo Wii U (deluxe set, of course) and bundles that I might like. If you watched the Nintendo...
  • Forum Post: Re: Pikmin 3: Discussion

    euro2012: I cannot wait around. I certainly not owned Pikmin two but I beloved the first Pikmin. I hope this will probably be a launch title in addition, because it'd be an incredible online game for launch. I agree with you that it should be a launch title. I am DYEING for Pikmin 3, so, if this...
  • Forum Post: What Should I Buy on the Wii Shop Channel?

    I'm getting $40 in Wii Shop money on Christmas (it was supposed to be $100 but $40 is still nice) and I am trying to decide on what to buy. I want to buy games on either the N64 or SNES. I don't want to buy games from any other console and I don't want to buy games from WiiWare. Right now...
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