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*** LOCKED *** PS3 or Xbox 360

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  • Playstation 3 for its free online gaming and great downloadable games. Plus it truly does have greater graphics with hdmi cables and a full 1080p tv.

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  • Go with the PS3.

  • I say go with the 360, true you have to pay for online gaming but the service is way better and you can also download games. I have both and have played both online and I say the 360 is the better of the two. But make sure you get an Elite 360. One thing the PS3 is better for is Internet capability, the 360 doesn't have a browser.

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  • Sure, you can get an Xbox 360, if you don't mind it breaking down on you, and having to deal with awful customer service. Is it worth going through all that to play a game like Halo 3? NOPE. Its online play costs MONEY! So do arcade games.

    PS3 is no problem. PS3 has many releases that already came out on the 360, you can always play some Modern Warfare. Also the online play is free and has better graphics. You can also try LittlebigPlanet, and Guns of the Patriots. Also arcade games are free, but you can only download them if you have the more advanced PS3.

    Believe me, I have an Xbox 360, and I wished I had a PS3 instead.

  • The communities are the same, the games are almost the same, but the 360 RROD's. PSN is free, and don't listen to the people that tell you this, but PSN and XBL are the same server wise. I have played XBL at my friends house, all the time, 4 times a week every week last summer, and they are the same.Same lag, Same connection problems (very few). XBL only has a few extra features and a few exclusives. But if you REALLY want those features (I don't need voice chat, my friends and I play the same games anyways), and it's worth $50 a year. But PSN is the same server wise.  If you have a decent internet connection (mine is 1.5 and I don't lag) then you should  be fine.

    Bottom LIne: Get a PS3, and you'll love it. PSN is just fine.

  • I would say get a PS3 It has free online gaming and the PSN (Playstation Network) is about to get a upgrade japanese import games,Sega dreamcast games and ps2 games will become downloadable soon it has been confirmed if that is not enough for u to get it then meh lol


  • The Wii, because you're in a Nintendo section. Post this in the general Gaming Section please.

  • it all depends on what you play and what you like. im going to give you an honest answer because alot of ppl are going to shout PS3 or 360 just because their fans.

    but honestly.

    it all depends on what you want if you want great online gaming get an xbox

    if you love rpg's get an ps3

    if you love shooters you can get either one.

    if you love graphics get a ps3

    i mean the pros and cons can go on, it really all depends on what you want.


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  • Omg, this is a question which I sense can raise up an argument in this forum, so I will try to stay as respectful to everyone as possible.

    I say you think about your favorite game genres, the ones you want the system to have the most out of. Than look up how many games of those genres are available in both systems. I say this, because at the end of the day, you aren't going to be happy picking a system that doesn't offer any games that you'd be interested in. After you looked up which system has more games that you'd be interested in, make you selection. I personally have all three. Originally, I bought one because I thought it was going to be the best one. Unfortunately, it ended up being my least favorite, and I constantly have to clean dust of of it because I rarely play it. But the damage is done, and I'm not really interested in selling it just to get 1/4 of what I paid for it. So I'll just wait for good games to come out for it, which I already know a whole bunch are. I wont say which system it is just to avoid an argument with the wrong person on here.

    Good luck in getting your system.

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  • I have a Wii, 360 and PS3 and I honestly have played the PS3 less. When I started I had a fierce alliance to the PS3 and would have shunned the 360 until the day I died but Left 4 Dead was something that my friends played and so finally they roped me into playing it. I loved it so much I bought a 360 and since I refused to have a 360 for just one game then I bought a few others. I have a few games for both PS3 and 360 (TR: Underworld, Silent Hill: Homecoming, etc etc.) and I think that the 360 network was easier for me to get onto and to navigate but it could be because I didn't play around with the PS3 as much. Honestly I use the 360 and Wii more just because they're the ones with more exclusive games than the PS3 which is annoying but forces me to play those consoles instead of the PS3. I love Little Big Planet for my PS3 and I'm looking to get back to playing the PS3 but I've enjoyed the Achievements and online capabilities of 360.

    Despite all of this, you should really expect to pour quite a bit of money into a 360 if you're going to perfect it. I bought the Arcade 360 to just play L4D on and ended up buying a hard drive, wireless converter and of course Live's monthly payments. Just because the 360 can be cheaper doesn't mean it really STAYS cheaper. If you'd rather spend your money all at once and get a complete, probably more reliable console, you might be better off with a PS3.

    As others have said, you should look into the games that are available exclusively on both consoles and decide which you cannot do without, that should help your decision.

  • Whichever system you think will have the exclusives you'd prefer to play.  I have a 360 and Wii.  I would like a PS3, but it's too expensive for me.

  • 360's cheaper and has a wider game variety, but PS3 has better storage and graphics. take your pick.

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  • If you have enough for a 360 and online, I say go for the 360. More people are online with a 360 than on PS3.

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