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The Wii U Difference

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  • Nintendo should start a comical marketing campaign on YouTube for the Wii U called "The Wii U Difference."

    Examples could be:

    • Sick of immature teenagers spewing out racist, homophobic rants in Black Ops 2 on your Xbox 360? Find more interesting commentary on the Wii U. Video of Black Ops 2 gameplay on the Wii U plays: MarioFan27: "What the hell are you doing? You could've saved me." ToiletGamer86: "I'm wiping the crap off my ass. What are you doing?" The Wii U Difference.
    • Sick of blowing Benjamin Franklin 4 times to get a PS4? The Wii U Difference: blow him 1 less time. The Xbox One Difference: don't even consider it.

    Got anymore ideas?

  • I'm so confused.

  • TL;DR: It's basically a system that everyone can play now. That's all they need to say.

    I agree somewhat with this, however not with the way you put it.

    Nintendo did something like this with "The Pitch" which you can find on their Youtube channel.

    For this in-your-face method however, I don't think it's necessary. It's Nintendo and people know what to expect. IPs that grab the kids and families with engaging gameplay and enjoyable characters. Also, it features fresh titles that the older people can get into.

  • I traded my ps3 for a wiiU for me and my kids. The main reason is i am a gamer but i am also 29 years old. When i need to watch the news or want to watch some of my shows (adult) my kids can flip screens and keep enjoying their games. This is the wii Us largest selling point. Nintendo needs to push this thing more. Not in how to use the gamepad uniquely in gameplay.

    Also. They need to quickly push out older titles like DKC, and older SNES games famicom and superfamicom games and other virtual console titles. Nintendo can compete with the big 2 by remembering they basically started all this with the NES. Its yime they use the second screen like it should be and use tgeir old library like it should be. Time to roll out an iOS app and android and windows app titled nintendo virtual console. People would go crazy over it. I would.buy every old title many many times over. This comes from a dad, a gamer, and a nintendo fanboy who has bought or had every nintendo sysytem and most all the others since 1988. I got my first NES in 1991.  Its time nintendo start listening to Dads like me that love what nintendo stands for and love their 1st party properties.

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