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  • First topic: Homebrew.

    If you like hax, then stop liking them now. Wii update v4.2, for the sake of saving a lengthy technical explication, bricks your Wii if homebrew is present. Actually, it has the potential to brick Wiis that aren't even softmodded. The update includes rather extreme protocols to depurate the Wii, which, according to roughly 30 sources, has bricked a few virgin Wiis.

    Can't validate this personally, as I have never softmodded my Wii, and I haven't updated, but I can vouch with absolute certitude that if you update to 4.2 with any mods present, you will be out of exactly 1 (or however many Wiis you hack and update) Wii(s).

    Second topic: Even more disgust with Nintendo and Toys 'R' Us. Yesterday, I went to my Toys 'R' Us to take advantage on the buy-2-get-1-free deal, I was expecting to get Magna Carta 2, Dragon Quest V and randomly browse for any other 360 game that I found to my liking.

    I walk into the store expecting to take 5 minutes; it took 35. Everywhere I looked, absolute shite plastered the shelves. Every where you looked, it was infested with Wii shovelware, Barbie games and other constituents of gaming pestilence. In fact, it took me 5 minutes to find the 360/PS3 rack, each having a shelf space of roughly 4 square feet, whereas the Wii's was about 50.

    Some notably risible games I made it a point to remember just so I could needle at were:

    -Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

    -Brave: A Warrior's Story

    -80+ Nick Jr. games

    -5,000+ Barbie games

    -Imagine Party Babyz

    -50 other Imagine games

    -Blackbeard's Quest for Booty

    -Some *** Carnival party game ***

    Wanna know the GOOD games I found out of every game I saw?

    -Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Which I got in place of MC2, since Toys 'R' Us doesn't carry anything that isn't suitable for Grandma and little Timmy)


    -Metal Gear Solid 4 (Which I bought for my brother, since I couldn't find jack *** else)

    So, yeah. Nintendo may be getting rich off of this crap, but it sure makes one hell of a funny argument against people so misinformed as to state casual gamers don't *** things up.


  • Also, for the lulz: (please note the developers)



    To think I spent 30+ hours of my childhood endorsing this company's future of Party Babyz. :|

  • I will never buy videogames from ToysRUs. Then again, I wasn't planning to. It seems as though Nintendo is kicking me out from the Wii...

    and into my DS to play Scribbblenauts...

    Nintendo can do something good

    (edit) BTW, Pirates vs. Ninja dodgeball is got to be awesome. 

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  • Lol, I think that is part of the reason Toys R Us got shut down in our town. Not enough sales. :p

    This may have been part of the reason why. x3

  • The Wii and DS do indeed get more shovelware than the other consoles, but your buying experience is indicitive more to the state of Toys R Us, than to Nintendo in general. Toys R Us has long been suffering in the wake of the mega-stores such as Target and Wal-mart. How can a specialty retailer compete, really, when the convenience of toys is located in the same store where nearly everything else you need is located?

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