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  • Fox is actually only a mid-tier character. He can be a wicked pain with his utilt locks and up-smashes, but aside from those, he's a pushover. He has no approach, short-ranged as all hell, gimpable recovery and can be chaingrabbed more than any other character in the cast.

    Sheik can ftilt lock Fox up to 100% and finish him off with a usmash.

    As for Marth, he's up there. I think he's at the top of A tier, right below S tier. He has killing power, speed, good recovery and range. He just gets owned by certain characters so hard that it brings down his tier placement.

  • Yoshi is what barney would be if he was small and green.  The best three characters are link, ROB, and wolf

  • Link's actually second worst in the game, Brodie. :P

    A lot of those characters have attributes that belie their true potential. Wolf has his lasers and his dsmash which makes killing easy. But he has a horrid recovery and a pretty bad approach. Anyone with a long grab range will own him.

    Link's just awful. His attacks are slow, he can't recover for anything and he has a really hard time KOing. He's also easily comboed in the air.

    R.O.B. is the best of the three. He's high-tier. His recovery is insanely good, he can camp and he's difficult to approach. His downfalls, though, are slow aerials, easily comboed and easily meteor spiked.

    Best 5 characters in the game are:

    Meta Knight




    Diddy Kong

  • Also, Yen, MK hasn't quite killed competitive Brawl. But he has reduced the number of viable characters for tournament play. Snake, Diddy Kong, Wario and a few others are soft-counters for MK, though, his worst matchup is still in his favor at 45:55 versus Snake.

  • Hook me up:

    Wii: 7469-6008-7574-1180

    SSBB: 0087-7487-8661

  • I must say, I am EPIC as Zelda. Not Shiek, Zelda. There is no hiding from my magical fireball thingy. :D


    When all else is gone, Hope remains.

  • Link and Snake are both pretty unstoppable for me.

    But, for the record, Ness couldn't be a worse brawler if he tried. Seriously, he and his little Earthbound buddy are possibly the two most frustrating characters ever.

    Boot the grime of this world in the crotch, dear.



  • Hook up FUNK LEGEND too:

    FC: 0199-5059-7562-8341

    SSBB: 1505-7049-4858


  • I don't play Yoshi much either. I rarely use him, if ever. Their are al ot of good brawlers that use Yoshi though, and I'm sure you can find some on this site.

    As for my FC, it's 1805-1837-5769.

    Username: nhdog103 or Nathan

    Brawl name: Nate

    Todays date: October 20th. 2009

    Just hit me up on my profile if you or anyone else wants to brawl.

  • Captain Falcon gets canceled out too easy now. I hate it.

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