I usually love RPG's and hack & slash games. Zelda, Demon's Souls, Conan, The Last Story, White Knight Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles, Star Ocean... I could go on but we would be here all day. I have played hundreds of RPG's and hack & slash games, and I loved them all.

But Pandora's Tower is seriously getting on my nerves. For one, you have a timer. This in and of itself isn't so bad. I beat Demon's Souls - how bad can the enemies in a Wii game be? They should be a piece of cake. Bring them on! I figure that I will beat these towers in no time flat.

So I hack my way through the tower, not even stopping for a heal (didn't need any) and I reach the Hornet Nest. I butcher all of the hornets, carve up the nest, and the bee queen sticks her face out of the hive and I start wailing away at the nest, ready for my first boss kill!

Except the hive is seemingly invulnerable. My sword can't reach the bee queen and my character can't jump. I stare at the hive, despair creeping up through my gut and balling up in my chest. My sword is too short! The bee queen laughs maniacally at me as her slowing rotating hive hovers in the room. Defeated, I use my chain to slowly and clumsily unlock the next door, as I can't see it behind the hive. Yet another win for the bee queen.

Rousing up my courage, I fly through the rest of the tower even more determined to make it to the boss before I run out of time. Enemy after enemy falls to my sword, and I make it to the bosses door. It's chained up, and I have to break the chain at it's source to unlock the door. I follow the chain back to another door covered in rosebushes.

My character is afraid of rosebushes and won't walk through them. I swing my sword at the rosebushes - but they are invulnerable. There is a pedestal next to the rosebushes that I can grapple with my chain - but grappling it doesn't do anything! I run back and forth across the room looking for a secret I missed, but don't find any. Eventually my time runs out and I lose the game - because the hero didn't want to get scratched by a rose bush.

Chagrined by my defeat at the vines of a rose bush, I turn to the official Pandora's Tower Wiki and find a walkthrough for the first tower - except it's not a walkthrough at all, it just tells you how to beat the boss. I search the enemy database for rosebushes, and find nothing. The official wiki is incomplete and terrible.

Furthermore, repeated internet searches for "pandoras tower rosebush" returns millions of results about gardening. Poor Elena. She should have been saved by a middle-aged gardener instead of a teenage swordsman.

Conclusion - timers are best for action-oriented games, not puzzle-solvers. If I wanted this kind of frustration I would try to solve a rubik's cube in front of an oncoming freight train. I suppose this one is going on the shelf next to all my other games that are collecting layers of dust.