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Wii U Controller Grip

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  • Today I got a chance to try out the new Wii U at my local EB game. I actually found that I quite enjoyed it (I was expecting to hate it) , the graphics were smooth and nice and everything worked really good. There was how ever one small problem I found, the big controller with the screen didn't have significant grip. When I say grip I mean I couldn't seem to find a way to get my hands to find a place where the controller felt like it was steady and firmly grasped, this also lead to some discomfort in my hands which I'm kinda used to as I play on my PS3 for 6+ hours a day (I still use the stock controller). I think its because the two round humps (I don't know what to call them) on the back of the controller on the sides that you are I assume suppose to hold onto don't let you curl your fingers as much as say a PS3 or XBox controller. I could also see this as troublesome when playing games for long amounts of time that require the touch screen.

    Now remeber that these are just my observations after playing the system for just over 20 minutes so maybe my hands just need to adjust to the controller but I have to admit that the system didn't really leave a favorable impression on me.

    Is anyone though having the same problem as me?

  • The handle bulges on the back of the GamePad are nice, but I know what you're talking about.  My first night playing the Wii U (at home after I bought it), I ran into some comfort issues as the handles felt too small.


    I think larger handles would be better, or a design more in-line with the old GameCube handles as that controller remains one of the all-time most comfortable I've ever held.  My discomfort came from an odd way my ring finger on my right hand was resting on the back.  Since then, though, I seem to have adapted, because I haven't noticed that discomfort occurring lately.  


    I think we live in an era where a 20-minute play time is not even remotely enough to adequately judge any game or console.  Games are so big and varied, consoles have so many uses and options.  The longest I played any one game was maybe 3 hours--probably both Super Mario U and ZombiU.  Bigger handles would no doubt be better, but I think they're close enough that most gamers will, like me, adapt almost automatically after a short time.

    Sorta the way your hands adapt to the PSP after a bit.

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