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  • [quote user="Bustin"]

    Did you read reviews for this game ??? Not to mention a 32 gb hard drive is ridiculously small. I have a USB key bigger than that.



    Anyone who's read the reviews knows it's a good, though flawed game.  Probably like many others in your personal game library.  

    And 32GB of storage isn't great, but any external HDD can be hooked up to the system.  Not to mention that having all the space on the PS3 or X360 is useless for the bulk of the gaming population.  The only reason space is taken up on my X360 is because I install games--and I only do that because I have the space (250GB)--and even then, with a library of over 100 X360 games, I have used less than a third of that harddrive space.  Granted, I have not installed every game, just the most-played titles.

    The PS3 awkwardly requires almost every damn game to be installed, which devours storage space.  If you didn't need to install everything, then you wouldn't need very much storage.



    Also, buy the ZombiU set.  It basically includes a Pro Controller for free, and ZombiU is worth playing.