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  • As you may already know, I still don't have a Nintendo Wii U, but I am planning on buying one sometime near the fourth of July this year. Before then, i've been scouring the Internet for good deals on a Nintendo Wii U (deluxe set, of course) and bundles that I might like. If you watched the Nintendo Direct that aired yesterday, February 14th, 2013, then you'll already know that Nintendo announced a Wii U ZombiU bundle. This is what the bundle comes included with:

    • 1 Black Wii U 32GB Model
    • Everything else present in the deluxe set
    • A copy of ZombiU
    • A ZombiU Collectible Booklet
    • A Black Wii U Pro Controller
    • A download code for Nintendo Land that allows you to download the game from the Nintendo eShop

    In addition to all of this, Nintendo slapped on a price tag of $389.99, which is a great deal when considering that this bundle is worth $460+ dollars. The only things I don't like about it are I don't really want ZombiU, and i'd prefer a physical copy of Nintendo Land rather than a digital copy. I'm very interested in the fact that it comes with a Wii U Pro Controller, though. You might think that i'm crazy or something, but I don't really want ZombiU. I don't know, maybe I need to actually play ZombiU or something for me to actually like it, or I can just end up selling a brand-new, unused copy of it to GameStop for some cash to buy games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    What do you think about this bundle? Do you think it would be a good idea if I get it or not? What did you think of ZombiU if you've already played it?

    Wii U ZombiU Bundle @ GameStop