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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Have we already received a hint about a new Xbox One Star Wars Bundle?

    You may have noticed that Microsoft has a pattern of releasing a "special edition" controller that usually ends up being part of a console bundle. Case in point: The Halo 5 and Xbox One Elite controllers. So, not too long ago we also caught a glimpse of a lunar white controller. Could it be...
  • Forum Post: Has your experience on Xbox One been good or bad so far?

    I've been with Xbox now for around 5 years and have had some of the most memorable gaming experiences. But the transition from 360 to xbox one has been the biggest disappointment as a gamer to me. The first time I got my hands on the xbox one was Christmas and I couldn't wait to play. I immediately...
  • Forum Post: Selling entire xbox 360 collection - 140 games! - ebay auction

    as the title states, im selling my entire xbox 360 collection on ebay and thought you guys might be interested. In total there is 143 games, with no shovel ware, sports games, or junk bin games to deflate the value. Some newer games are also in the lot including GTA V, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinate...
  • Forum Post: Xbox One takes a huge $$ loss??

    With all the negative feedback Microsoft has been getting in recent weeks because of all of their decisions to essentially change their policies on things like drm, always online, etc. Do you think that the public now has a negative view on the Xbox One and Microsoft in general? (Personally, I think...
  • Forum Post: XboxOne To Much Value?

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I read an article recently about Xboxone when they talk about how much value there console has. They swear up and down that the Xboxone has over $1000 dollars of value. After thinking about it they are right. They have multiple services at your fingertips...
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