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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: How Many External Hard Drives

    Ok so I just bought an Xbone Master Chief Collection from GameStop. I learned that the xbone now supports external hard drives but everywhere I have looked I've found that it supports a max of 2. Is this because it only has 2 rear usb3 ports? or could I purchase a usb3 hub and connect multiple drives...
  • Forum Post: xbox one, wheres the good games at ?!?

    Is it just me or is xbox one really slacking on bringing some good games onto the market? Playstation 4 has some bad ass games out, while I'm still struggling to find a decent game that keeps my interest for more than a week on xbox. Destiny is the only game I continually play. Cant wait for the...
  • Forum Post: Xbox ONE for $200.00 + Tax

    For those of you still looking to upgrade that dusty Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim, Best Buy is offering the Xbox One for $200.00 with a qualifying trade in until 11/15/14. The retail price for the console without the Kinect is $349.99 with two Assassins Creed games, then you get a $100 gift card for a qualifying...

    Hello everybody, I’m Eleonora and I’m in Storm in a Teacup production. NERO is our first title, coming exclusive on Xbox One Q1 2015 These are our trailers: E3 Trailer Gamescom trailer In-game E3 In-game Gamescom You can find us on Twitter and Facebook ,if you have questions, just poke!!
  • Forum Post: Has your experience on Xbox One been good or bad so far?

    I've been with Xbox now for around 5 years and have had some of the most memorable gaming experiences. But the transition from 360 to xbox one has been the biggest disappointment as a gamer to me. The first time I got my hands on the xbox one was Christmas and I couldn't wait to play. I immediately...
  • Forum Post: Xbox one commercial controversy

    the specific one im talking about is the one where the guy is watching soccer, theres five minutes left, and his girlfriend tells her xbox to go to dead rising 3 and starts playing, ignoring her bf completely except to tell him to get her a beer and go to the store for more beer. now doesnt this kind...
  • Forum Post: Want to play with people that use their mics?

    Hey Microsoft community. I am looking for Xbox One Gamers that actually use their mic while playing games. I would like to make this a go-to place for people that maybe don't have many friends/buddies/pals/family members/colleagues and so on. In the comments section, leave the following information...
  • Forum Post: Selling entire xbox 360 collection - 140 games! - ebay auction

    as the title states, im selling my entire xbox 360 collection on ebay and thought you guys might be interested. In total there is 143 games, with no shovel ware, sports games, or junk bin games to deflate the value. Some newer games are also in the lot including GTA V, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinate...
  • Forum Post: Xbox1 tv

    There have been numerous discussions on the Xbox1 HDMI in (cable channel) issues; and like many others I can't get sound from my shows. Yet, my chromecast, Xbox360, and WiiU work fine thru it. I have given up out of frustration which sux because the "all in one" was a huge deal maker for...
  • Forum Post: Still looking for a Xbox One and live in Tenn?

    I just thought I'd let anyone know that the walmart in Cookville Tenn will have 46 Xbox one's tomorrow for black friday. I work there and saw the pallet myself. So if are in the general area and can be there for the event of the sale (sorry I dont know the time) you have a good chance of getting...
  • Forum Post: About the Dew / Doritos Contest ads all over

    If you want to score one of those XboxOne+Game packages, check it out.. the auctions are closing below $332 when you realize it costs less than a penny per point, and that's if you trash 100% of the soda and chips you buy. I wrote up a blog post with details, so I'll just link it rather than...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone know if internet explorer will be able to play videos on xbox one

    On the xbox 360 version of IE you couldn't download flash player or at least I don't know how and I was curious because instead of having to download HBO Go I was hoping to just go to the website on IE and watch videos directly any insight would be helpful.
  • Forum Post: Xbox One takes a huge $$ loss??

    With all the negative feedback Microsoft has been getting in recent weeks because of all of their decisions to essentially change their policies on things like drm, always online, etc. Do you think that the public now has a negative view on the Xbox One and Microsoft in general? (Personally, I think...
  • Forum Post: What Xbox One games are you looking forward too?

    Im looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online, Dead Rising 3, Kingdom Hearts III, COD and Battlefield 4. I wonder how good the new gaming expirirnence will be with this next generation console.
  • Forum Post: Digital Foundry: Xbox One ESRAM Faster Than MS Thought

    This BOOM
  • Forum Post: I'm confused.

    Please answer these questions for me. 1. They talk about needing to have Internet on day one to connect and actually USE the console. How does this solves Microsoft problems? I get that not having to connect once a day is great but I thought the many people complaining didn't have Internet in the...
  • Forum Post: What are your thoughts on the New "Xbox One?"

    I just want to know your thoughts on the next Generation Microsoft Console, Xbox One?
  • Forum Post: Funny Xbox One reveal recap

    For those who were underwhelmed.
  • Forum Post: Re: Xbox One Discussion: Likes, Dislikes, Games

    I have been a devout MS fan, but today has been an eye opener. Not only do I feel that the core gamers are being thrown out in the cold, but I see that MS just doesn't comprehend what people REALLY want. Sony knows how to please everyone, whether they be devs or customers. When I buy a GAMING console...
  • Forum Post: Xbox One Discussion: Likes, Dislikes, Games

    Truthfully for me the new system is bleh looking. The commands are a neat feature though. But still going on so keep watching.
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