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The Official Halo 4 Thread

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  • I can't wait for it. XD

  • As long as I have other games to play in between halo releases I say go for it. I love all of the halo games and will contiue to do so if they stay as high quality as they have been.

  • i say that people shouldnt get to happy for this cause as far as i see(and if my knowledge is right)the bungie team is not at full wich means it wont be as good as the origianals

  • It has much potential to be another great Halo title........ hope to see the flood again

  • if you remember from the last game though, the flood was wiped out with the firing of Installation 04B and the destruction of the Ark. Unless 343 pulls a contaminated shield world, I don't think we are going to see the flood again.

  • @greyhound: Bungie isn't going to be doing this title. They handed the series off to 343 industries. A move that a lot of people are watching carefully. It will be interesting watching how 343 handles a title like this.

  • @shadow grebacier: actually the hslo rings where created to destroy all life in the universe and the flood was created to protect the rings so the flood will still be around for a long time

  • greyhound28:

    @shadow grebacier: actually the hslo rings where created to destroy all life in the universe and the flood was created to protect the rings so the flood will still be around for a long time


    ^  Actually, you are very incorrect.


    According to official Halo canon;  The Flood were discovered by the Forerunners.  They weren't sure if the Flood were an extra-galactic race, or even what they were, but in the process of their experiments on the Flood some of them escaped.  The Flood then proceeded to jump from planet to planet, decimating the Forerunners despite how hard they fought back with their extremely advanced technology.

    Once the Flood grew to form the Gravemind, the Forerunners knew that their galaxy was lost.  So they traveled to all of their remaining planets and gathered samples of every single species, and took them to the safety of the Shield-Worlds.  This way, once they fired the Halo rings (which by design destroyed all sentient life within each separate rings' blast radius, they used six rings total to make sure that they got the whole galaxy covered), they could destroy the Flood and then repopulate the now vacant planets with their original species.

    Unknown to the Forerunners, the Grave mind had taken up residence deep in the bowels of Halo ring 1, thus protecting/trapping it and letting it survive the firing of the rings.  The Covenant and master Chief discovered them and accidently re-released the Flood during the course of Halo: CE.

    The rings fired, the Galaxy was wiped clean of all sentient life.  From the safety of the Shield Worlds and the Ark (which was located at a safe distance outside of our galaxy), the Forerunners watched all of this happen.  They then emerged and repopulated the planets with the life forms that they were able to save.

    After all of this, the leaders of the Forerunner race met and discussed their future.  they decided that it was their hubris that led to their downfall, and decided that it was better that they leave the galaxy for good rather than stay.

    Like the race before them, the Forerunners left the fate of the galaxy (along with technology and other clues ) in the hands of the Inheritors, Humanity.  but in order for us to figure out how to wield such technology correctly, we had to discover the Forerunner technology ourselves, and grow as a species.


    So you see, the Forerunners didn't create the Flood to protect the rings.  The Flood by their nature were able to wipe out one of the most powerful species to ever populate the stars.

    Even Guilty Spark came out of rampancy long enough to tell Master Chief; "You are Inheritor, you are Forerunner"


    Spartans don't die.  They just re-spawn in 5 seconds.

  • @Vampire Nox: Thank you for the explanation, I was expecting to correct Him./Her myself, but you did a wonderful job of doing it.

    @Greyhound: I suggest to you, to make it a point to look into the lore a bit more. I am assuming you didn't play from the beginning of the series? If so, then something somewhere didn't come across right, It happens to the best of us sometimes, so nothing to worry about.

  • @Shadowgrebacier: No problem.  

    Just protecting my favorite game series of all time. lol

    @Greyhound28: No hard feelings, just thought I'd clarify the lore a bit.  The Halowiki is actually a pretty accurate site if you would like to read the lore in full.  It has just about everything you could imagine from the games and books rolled into one site.

    Again, no hard feelings, just some suggested reading.  lol

    Spartans don't die.  They just re-spawn in 5 seconds.

  • Well ... I have to give it some time to see what it becomes, we haven't seen anything of what the actual game is about so i am neutral

  • @shadow grebaicer im sorry for my mistake actually it is that the ring s where made to destroy all life and as a weapon against the flood for the only way to kill the flood is to starve them to death

    the flood

  • @greyhound: It's alright. You don't have to apologize. Just make sure you look into the lore before you make claims. Always good to check your information against that of the general public.

  • @shadow grebacier no i knew this before but i was confused at the time trying to make a tough decision if i should get brink or cof 3 can u helpme wich do u think i should get

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