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I'm confused.

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  • 1. Anyone can get the console and use it even soldiers. This fixes the problem because as soon as you buy the console you go to any place that has Wifi, plug it in, connect to the internet, download update and you are good to go play anywhere at anytime no more shut down if you are out of connection range.

    2. The only reason Xbox 360 was so expensive to set up is because the first systems didn't come with an internal Wifi adapter however as seen with the slim version it came with the Wifi so all you had to do was power up and connect.  The same will go for Xbox One because it has an internal Wifi adapter.  Also you don't need Xbox Live to play all you need is a one time connection then you can play offline without live all you want as long as your not interested in multiplayer which does require live.

    And I can't stress enough how much you don't need internet for this device. It's just a one time connection that is it. So since it's impossible nowadays to not have some friend with some kind of internet just pop by their house for an hour or so depending on download time and download the update.  No big deal heck if you must just plug it in at a McDonalds with Wifi HaHa.

  • I wonder how this will work with all the region restrictions. Let's say he gets stationed overseas to a county that isn't supported by XBox live, then what happens? Then again after the day one update, it really won't matter where he is located.

  • This seems to be a very commen case of misinformation being spread around in regards to the military aspect you bring up.  The U.S. militar has extremly cheap, easy to get, and good internet of any group in the U.S. the military would have the least amout of problems with this.

    I was in the Marine Corps which is renouned for having the worst of everything when it comes to the military.  Every marine corps barracks has built in internet, all you have to do to get it is try to access the internet and a page pops up alowing you to pay for it.  we paid 15 bucks a month for avrage internet and 20 for the best.  This is the case with all marine corps bases, and if the Marine Corps has this you can bet your life that every other branch of the military has it.  The only time the military lives anywhere that they would not have easy access to internet is if the are on a foward operating base in a war zone, but you arn't alowed to take a game consol there anyways so it doesn't matter.

  • I guess I'm a subject matter expert of this since I'm currently a U.S. Army soldier so let me help you out. Soldiers abroad honestly will have some issues getting that first connection. The ones stationed in places like Korea and Germany will be fine plenty of places to connect. As for the ones downrange, trust me when I say. Its small cases where soldiers are out in Afghanistan playing Xbox. But this is a small minority. Its not much time to play Battlefield when you're living in a Battlefield. And for the ones who has that pleasure they 99% of the time picked it up at home in the States therefore again its not a issue.

    Also I don't understand why exactly it cost you "100 worth of adapters" to connect your Xbox 360 online. If you can explain I can better help you.

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