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Microsoft does not learn

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  • Insanity : Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.


    MS has tried many vast departures from the public consensus with fatal results. Windows Me, Windows Media Center Edition, Vista, 8, Web TV.  Why make changes the consumer is not interested in, or that will actually degrade the consumer experience? It seems their philosophy is "give the consumer what we want them to have, they will accept it."  

    The Xbox One is Microsoft's solution to their long journey of creating a all-in-one set-top box. This however is piggybacked onto the gamers shoulders. Nice new features are wonderful, but not at the expense of the gaming experience.

    Do not kid yourself about the used game policy, new game prices will not be cheaper. Checking in every 24 hrs will morph into always on. Personal data will be shared.  


    Driveatar from Forza 5, the whole concept is about it learning your personal behavior and distributing it 

    Kinect camera always looking and studying your face, movements, voice, home, etc. creating a profile of you almost as good as DNA. This data stored in the "cloud", and may be used if you log onto your account at another location.

    It is my opinion that MS has lost all focus. It is not like Windows, there is another viable choice, PS4.

  • It's innovation.  Why make changes the consumer is not interested in?  Because, once in a while, you get a huge hit that brings up a whole new audience - See the Wii and Nintendo DS.  Right now, as vocal as the online crowd is about what XBoxOne will do, we don't know how the majority will react.

  • Agreed. However it seems as MS has went from a gaming device that plays movies & tv to a movie & tv device that plays games. I have not heard many gamers who want  kinect   features in their games, and adding the device to spoonfeed motion/voice control into all daily use is taking resources that could be used elsewhere. Unless I am mistaken, the o/s or user interface consumes a very significant portion of available resources.

  • It's called innovation you should not be putting down a company that tries it on a regular basis.  All your complaints are focused on the times that innovation hasn't worked out for Microsoft how about the most recent Windows 8 phone that's competing with the iPhone or the Surface which is a tablet that works like a laptop.  These are great advances and you shouldn't knock off the Xbox One as a failed attempt at innovation yet it hasn't even been released yet.  Also don't be fooled all these extra services are not cutting away the gaming experience they are just new and like anything else people like advertising new.  Why would Microsoft advertise all their gaming features?  Those are there and will always be there so they decided to use camera time to advertise something new on top of the great gaming experience we already know.

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