I've heard all kinds of rumors about the 720 using Digital Watermarking to end used games!!! I know we've all loved picking up titles from GameStop, GameFly, GameMine, BlockBuster and RedBox. I saw Dawn Guard for Skyrim at a RedBox for under 2$ and it made me smile!!! So I've got to ask. With the average game cost being a good $60 and some great titles being less than 10hr. play throughs "Alan Wake" while others at the same price are a good 200+hrs. "Fallout Vegas: Ultimate". I'm hoping that maybe much like movie rentals we'll be able to rent games that expire 48-72hrs. after we begin playing them. However, $70 is fine for a game that has great multi-player, replay value, or achievements and a Platinum "Must Play!!!" rating. Though by the same token, a game that takes more than a weekend to beat or that has any of the above qualities may be the kind of game you rent twice in a row and add to your library anyways.

I know a lot of people who are just buying their first consoles and missing out on a few classics. Last I heard, 75,000,000 XBOX 360s, 76,000,000 PS3s and 76,000,000 PSPs are out there and they're still selling strong at that!!! I've been watching our National GamerScore through a Arcade App just to see where people are at on a national level as far as "Play Throughs" and "Recommendations" go. I'd like to hope that Digital Watermarking would lead to digital rentals and maybe even more money for titles a lot of us would have liked to add to our GamerScore, but could only justify renting or buying used.... It's mean a 0% profit for anyone other than the game companies, but it'd still let a lot of gamers play through titles they just couldn't validate a $60 price tag on with all the competing titles. I worked 12hr. nights and overtime for a year and I still only added about 10,000 points to my GamerScore.

I plan to do better with my next 13.8 to 31.6 grand, but you'd be surprised just how much of my last 20 grand I put into my tech.... I know people who have been pulling un-employment for the last 2 years that have gotten more GamerScore than I have with GameFly and GameMine. Both of which never have the disc you want in stock and takes weeks to filter to you!!! Imagine how much easier it'd be to rent if you never had to worry about every copy being checked out when you drove 10 min. to check if it'd been returned yet!!! It happens with every current rental service on earth using optic media, but digital media has changed that!!! I guess I'm just hoping this'll be the first generation of consoles to really give digital game rentals a chance. I was hoping to see it happen with the XBOX 360, but it never did. Maybe Digital Watermarking is unrelated, but I'm hoping it leads to discussions on digital game rentals again. Which would definitely change the way I view games worth adding to my permanent library and games I pass on as rental play throughs....

If anyone out there wants to get a "Discussion" started on Digital Game Rentals, you'd be doing us all a favor!!!

Optic media is still making 50% more in annual sales!!!


I honestly believe they'd still make more money knowing how long it takes for optic media to circulate if they just offered digital games over LIVE.  I've gotten a few seasons of TV and a bunch of good digital titles for my PSPgo, but I'd love the chance to play through a few on my 360 too.  Plus I'd get a lot more done than I did with the last 3 months of GameMine and RedBox....  Alright, I leave the rest to the forums and the rest of the GameInformer-XBOX360 community.  Hopefully it'll continue to grow and pull in some of the best gamers and networkers the country has to offer long into the XBOX720s first year!!!  There are after all 75,000,000 XBOX 360 owners out there, that's only 1 out of 4 odds of meeting an XBOX 360 owner!!!  So we've got PLENTY of room to expand!!!  ^_^