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Xbox One takes a huge $$ loss??

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  • With all the negative feedback Microsoft has been getting in recent weeks because of all of their decisions to essentially change their policies on things like drm, always online, etc. Do you think that the public now has a negative view on the Xbox One and Microsoft in general? (Personally, I think they're doing the right thing. They made a decision which the consumers didn't like and they went back and fixed it.) Also, what do you think about the release date? Do you think that because of the Xbox One is releasing about 2 weeks after the PS4 that people won't wait for the Xbox One and just go buy the PS4 instead? Finally, what I really want to find out from you guys is.. What do you think about the launch price? Is the extra $100 and the new Kinect worth it? Let me know what you guys think!

  • I also think they did the right thing and don't hold it against them.  I think consumers felt pretty burned by it for a few weeks after it happened, but I bet it will be forgotten.  Many regular consumers who game casually probably don't even know about that happening and are going to surely by xbox 1's still.  Overall, I do not think the public on the whole has a negative view of MS.  Gamers who game a lot and were anticipating pre-ordering from the beginning may have a bit of a negative view, but this is a minority of the user basis that is going to purchase consoles.  I mean you figure a system will get 1 or 2 million or less pre-orders every time yet will sell 10's of millions of units (just guessing at these numbers).  I highly doubt their misstep will hurt them in the long run.

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