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Black Ops 2. Does it seem cool?

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  • I have been hearing a lot of chatter about black ops 2 and read a good amount about it. To me the whole robot/drone thing seems a little stupid. Not to be one of those haters out there, but I don't think MW3 has been out long enough to justify and new COD.Honestly MW3 was futuristic enough and I think Treyarch is just trying to one up Infinity Ward. I'm seriously hoping this game doesn't disappoint because I need more zombies. Do I have anyone thinking the same things?

  • Robots/drones as a component in the future of warfare is far from stupid or unreasonable considering the current trend. However if what Woods mentions about "the enemy stealing the keys" is at the core of the campaign, and I anticipate it will be, that's going to be rather silly. The reality of drones, remotely controlled unmanned assets, especially aircraft, is that there are so many counter-measures in place it's honestly a borderline hassle for the intended user to get the thing online and moving. CoD campaigns are much like Hollywood action though, so the truth will always be stretched for dramatic effect.

    As for it not having been long enough, the schedule for revealing and subsequent release of CoD titles has been the same for the past 4 games... nothing new or out of line here.

    Modern Warfare series took place in the present, with most all of the in-game tech already in use on the field. For CoD as a brand name (think Activision, not IW/Treyarch) to take the risk of jumping into a near future story after all this time establishing the brand as a past/current name - while the brand is at the height of it's popularity no less, but under heavy scrutiny after Elite and the whole IW debacle, it's brave if nothing else. One can deduce this as a move of confidence or desperation, make it about IW vs Treyarch or whatever... but at the end of the day, I'm confident Activision had this all mapped about 5 years ago, and they're just concerned with putting their best foot forward to continue to be successful.

  • It won't be worth playing. Every CoD has been a step down in quality since 4. I don't see how people can still be hooked on them at this point. I still find them fun every once and a while but I can't play it like crazy like so many people do.

  • The teaser trailer is what killed the new Black Ops 2 for me. If I wanted a game with a science fiction back ground I would just put in Mass Effect or Halo. I play Black Ops, Modern Warfare, and Battlefield for the amazing war stories during the campaign and for the multiplayer shooter action. It just looks to futuristic and not enough meat and potatoes for me. We will see though. I don’t think this will be the year where I will choose between Black Ops or Battlefield. However, after this one might be the deciding factor in me picking a favorite franchise.

  • They came out of left field with that spin. I hope it's good I actually enjoyed Black Ops. It is true though, as much as I wanted the series to go well after Modern Warfare it has been one disappointment after another.

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  • hmm i think if this would have came out before MW3 it would fit better COD needs something. i dont know if the future is what it needs but it needs something.. I loved black ops,. i have Mw3 here but i haven't touched the single player at all yet.. based on multiplayer MW3 doesn't really even need to exist.    as far as the futuristic thing goes.. i dunno.. keeping COD kind of real was what made if feel so.. well.. real. so we will see how it goes.. if the controls work well and multiplayer is good then i guess it's up to the people if they want to pay 60 bucks for another COD clone. but this one might be different enough to justify.. we'll see

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  • Seems pretty cool to me. The idea of a near-future setting is very appealing to me, but I've never played a CoD before. It seems understandable that some fans would have trepidations.

  • I suppose I can understand the step up with the armed mechanics. The military has been looking into making out uav's into weapon instead of just recon drones. It is so much easier to take out a threat when it is first spotted rather than waiting for ground troops to move in. So long as Treyarc keeps the improvements within reason, I don't foresee any problems with the technology. The quad rotor is essentially MW3's assault drone with wings... and I don't hear any complaining about the assault drone.

    There are a few of the concepts that i hope Treyarc keeps in the new Black ops... such as the ability to dive when sprinting. Just keep in mind the physics of the whole ordeal though, A soldier isn't going to be pin point accurate when he hits the ground and he is also going to have a mild stun factor that will prevent any immediate actions such as jumping and running within a split second.  if they want to use the momentum as a surprise factor, how about making the soldier do a combat roll around a corner from a crouched position instead of diving... i think that would be more useful than a dive anyhow.

    The only other aspect that I think really needs attention is the spawn and respawn points in the multiplayer game. MW3 has many issues with spawning either too close to or in front of the enemy which results in a spawn death before the player can have time to react to his or her surroundings. I recommend setting the spawn points to re-spawn close the the team member that is the furthest from the enemy, and is also not currently engaged in an active fire fight. There has been too many times that I have had teammates spawn directly in front of me as I squeeze a trigger and it results in either a team kill (prior to ricochet) or a suicide.

    It also seems to be a common suggestion within the lobbies that I have played in for a team to have the option of booting a player. This of course would be an option that would require a vote from the rest of the team. This would be helpful for the occasions when a player is being unsporting or just straight annoying by trapping teammates in corners or causing deliberate team kills by running, jumping or standing in front of other players.

    My final topic is the ballistic vest. It has been a common complaint that the vest should not protect against a headshot. Since the game can obviously determine the difference between a shot to the chest and one to the head  ( the unmistakable ping sound) then why can't it determine that a vest isn't going to protect your face from a shotgun blast or bullet. My time spent overseas... I have yet to see our kevlar vest stop a bullet or even shrapnel to the head. This can be fixed by either leaving the head vulnerable to headshots when a vest is equipped... or even easier... apply a blast helmet to accompany the vest... Problem solved.... b*tching quelled.... players happy!!

  • Does anyone else feel like Black Ops 2 is gonna steal jets and many other things from Battlefield 3. I recently saw some videos on it and they had some very similar jets in there.

  • well at least itl be different from the same old modern warfare (my opinion). I personally cant wait for this game for the new and improved zombies, not that there was anything wrong with the last one but it should be intresting to see what they can do with the new futuristic setting. That is if they put sombies in the same time period as the game which im guessing they will.

  • there are thousands of war games in the world and 1/3 of them are future games like this one and by the trailer it is predictable that the game will not by that original which is the opposite of all the other CoD games. I feel they are going in the wrong direction.

  • I hope the core gameplay evolves, not just the gimmicks.  I would really like blind fire.  Yes, I plan on getting the game and spending many hours in the multiplayer mode with my friends.


  • I've again read the new posts and I thank you for your responces. The game is still to futuristic for me. Mabey if it were before modern warfare 3 was a good idea though.

  • Black Ops. 2 is going to be EPIC can't wait to get it. =^.^=

  • It's like my friend told me, every new COD trailer looks awesome, but when the game comes out, everyone is disappointed

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