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Where's Metal Arms 2?

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  • I remember back in '04 (lol long time ago right :P) when I used to play Metal Arms for the original Xbox. Games dont get much more fun than this. I've been waiting for a sequel for 6 years now and im getting the feeling (by feeling i mean i feel there probably wont be) that there won't be a sequel. I love this game so much so i still want to keep my hopes up. Post anything related to this here.

  • I love Metal Arms to, and there actualy was going to be a Sequel. In fact, Most of the Animation was already done. But Swingin' Ape Studio's was bought by Blizzard, and for some reason the Sequel was never released.  

    However, the former President ( I have no idea who he was the President of, i'm assuming Swingin' Ape Studio's) said that there Publisher, Vivendi Universal, said that they weren't interested in a sequel. To Quote, "Unfortunately it's true, VU Games is not interested in a Metal Arms sequel at this time. We have a ton of ideas for Metal Arms 2, including new character, weapon, and environment designs, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to come back to the Metal Arms universe sometime in the future."

    It looks like Glitch, Hosed, and Screwed may never see another game in the future. Or will they?

  • I remember when i bought that game. I knew i was going to enjoy it, but i had more fun with it that i expected. I do hope they make a sequel someday, but i have a feeling it'll be more along the lines of an XBL arcade sort of thing. But that would still be pretty cool

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  • hmm i thought the studio closed..................one sec

    The game was supposed to have a sequel. Many of the characters and enemies were animated. However, Swingin' Ape studios was bought by Blizzard Entertainment, and the sequel was never released.

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  • Metal Arms was a really fun game.  I'd be interested in a sequel.


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  • yea the story was left open pretty big

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  • They might, but a lot of companies or developers have been having trouble with many lawsuits, lay offs, etc and all of these are factors for many, many, game delays or complete terminations.


  • Good game but it is sad that there isn't going to be a sequel.

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