Some of you may recall that MS recently made an announcement that they were adding Nickelodeon and Comedy Central shows to their Live service.  GI covered the announcement here:

 The way the article was worded (and how most of the commenters took it) made it sound like the show would be free for anyone with a gold subscription.  This isn't the case at all.  Its true that you need a gold account to access the videos, but that's only half of it. Without a cable provider to link to the app you're basically limited to one episode for each show and not every Nick show is represented; even by linking your account you only have access to 5 or so episodes per show. This is hardly "free" for gold subscribers.

While I'm not sure that MS really misrepresented the announcement, any time a company makes you read the fine print its obvious they're trying to make something appear better than it actually is.  I (and my kids) found this out the hard way when we tried to access the content tonight for the first time.

That's the end of my rant.  I know its just Nickelodeon and its not a big deal, but with Netflix losing the Viacom deal my kids have been missing their shows.  I thought this would fill that absence but unfortunately its not what it seems.  Hopefully some of you that also got your hopes will see this and not waste your time.