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The Official Halo 4 Thread

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  • "There are those who said this day would never come........ what have they to say now" 100 nerd points to whoever can call that quote lol

  • you forgot Halo Wars

    Halo Wars



    All came out with 2-3 years. If it were any other series, people would complain about it being "Whored out" but since its Halo we cant say that. Anyway, I liked Reach and ODST but I didn't expect a new Halo so soon.

  • You know what's a worn out "milked" series, final fantasy, resident evil, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, COD, guitar hero, and countless other series, but all these game break the bank (mostly) witch means that no matter how many sequels come out, people still love them. Now halo has a great storyline, almost historic, and every game that comes out for that series is awsom, with interesting characters and plots, but that doesn't go for every game I mentioned in fact halo is in my opinion repetitive, but so is Zelda, Mario, and resident evil. But does it really matter?

    It's a great game series coming back around to wow us all again, and thares nothing wrong with liking a game on nostalgia alone. At least halo thickens the fiction around the game with every installment, unlike a few of the other games I mentioned.

  • Halo 4 is going to be the greatest halo yet. I can already tell. When I first saw the trailer I didn't know what it was, but as soon as I saw MC my mind was blown. It was epic.

  • After taking some time to consider I have one concern.  I think they should retire Master Chief.  If Microsoft wants to get more out of Halo I understand, but Master Chief is Bungie, stay in the same universe but go with a new spartan.  Halo 1,2 and 3 did a decent job of setting him up telling his story and bringing it to conclusion (other than the odd venus fly trap thing).  Give us a Spartan with a new personality, Reach showed it was possible.

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  • Activision?

  • Firstly: Chief is the only Spartan in his Timeline (excluding those on Onyx). So you would have to introduce Him (Her for all the Girl Gamers out there who love Halo) at a differing time or Somehow explain who another Spartan was made or found which would be a whole lot more trouble than going with Chief.

    Secondly: Something to think about is how the partially rampant Cortana will have an impact. I would think that 343 would Change our Favorite Partially-Nude A.I.'s personality to match her new title of Rampancy, which was evident in the Halo Legends shorts Origins I & II (for those who don't have them check them out at goodanime.net search Halo Legends)

    Thirdlly: It's evident that they had added a new weapon. whether they will be adding more to Chief's arsenal, or keeping it much the same with fast-forwarded weapons from Reach remains to be seen. Would like to see the weapons from Reach make a return but upgraded to match the time.

  • I heard this will be a Kinect only game?

  • Not everything you hear will particularly be true. They may introduce the kinect with some minor functions you don't "Have" to have, but they will make it there so that it can make the game ore enjoyable. I would imagine they would abandon maybe some options for the space to do that though

  • for one wat made the game so great was master chief second of all the "venus fly trap thing" is called gravemind who is the controller of the flood as shown in halo 3 and last of all they need to just make a new game all together start fresh they made halo and look how it turned out imagine if they make a new series all together

  • i tottaly agree but have one point to make master chief is a guy and his real name is John unless u know a girl that has a deep gruff voice and has a mans name make that 50 girls than i will change my opinion

  • So I assume GameInformer will be getting this as a cover story, right? :P

    Anyway, I'm just really excited to see how 343 handles Chief's story and where they might take him with it. They've already been expanding the Forerunner story through other sources, so i think it's safe to say it will involve them even more.

    What I'm really curious about though is how 343 handles the weapons and vehicles. The current list of weapons has become very familiar and common with the Halo franchise, but with the Covenant taken apart and the Chief seemingly completely out of contact with the UNSC, I just wonder what kinds of new things they will add to mix things up. Along with explaining the change in Chief's armor and weapons (exploding pistol?) already.

  • I've been waiting for this, though I'll have to wait another year... lol

  • I'm just upset that they changed the armor.. I mean it's not a big big deal I guess he could have gotten updated armor, but the fact he was in stasis and he looks a little anorexic, that's my only complaint is that he looks different. I'm a stickler for continuity, I mean if in the game he gets the update after, It won't be so bad.

    Also, I'm a big Halo fan, but Halo 4 is going to far I feel... again milking a franchise, besides I vowed after Bungie left the franchise I would never acknowledge another Halo unless it proved itself as good.

  • Halo 4 is either gonna be big or a failure but idk what it will be like very excited though, i thougt halo reach would be the last

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