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X-Box / Big Brother?

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  • Okay so everyone is worried about Big Brother (the government) collecting data on what you do when and where you do it. recording and accessing cell phones, internet browser history etc.

    But no one has a problem with Microsoft doing exactly the same thing? the Console is always online, recording your gameplay and conversations. watching everything you do in your living room (or in my case the bedroom cause thats where I play games)

    Its tracking your online activity and what video programs you watch supposedly to "suggest" additional content I might like and all this data is being analyzed and uploaded via a constantly online connection.

    This thing is Big Brother, its just giving your information to MS instead of the US.

    Does this creep anyone else out as much as it does me?

  • There is a key difference that you are missing.  You know what Microsoft is doing, they are not hiding it in any way.  If you buy an X1 you know what you are signing up for.  The government was doing it in secret.

    Then you are also blowing it a bit out of proportion.  The X1 is not recording everything you are doing.  The Kinect Sensor does monitor the room for when someone enters, but that is just so the sensor is aware if you give it a command.  Think a motion sensor, it is not actively recording everything you do.  You can turn on capture and it will record to your hard drive and later you can uplaod that to the net.  But it is not like the X1 is watching you watch TV and uploading that to some server somewhere.  So you have choices, dont get an X1.  Unplug it from the internet or even from the wall when you aren't  using it, or heck even throw a towel over the sensor.

    Watch out for people using Google Glass also, they are recording us all and uploading it without us knowing.

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  • I'm not gonna get one anytime soon simply because I'm still perfectly happy with my PS3. Both systems are advertising this "Always Online" thing which is annoying to someone with less than perfect Internet. So I'm adopting a wait and see attitude towards my next gaming system anyway :)

    I'm not saying it is doing all these things, I'm just saying its a very short step from A-B in this case. and I'm sure in the service agreement legalese it will talk about collecting certain data for marketing purposes if you agree to use their service :)

    It certainly sounds very capable of taking that short step from watching for a movement in the room, the recording and uploading anything you do in the range of the camera tho. (Yes I can be very paranoid if I want to be :)

  • Say what you will, most Terms of Use [by either Microsoft, Apple, Google, or even Playstation] are very plain.  You just have to read them before actually hitting accept.

  • Congress is looking to pass a bill called "We are watching you act".  You might want to look at that.

  • This is Microsoft not the government all Microsoft wants any of this information for is to boost their sales by targeting you with what you want.  The idea of Big Brother is that the government uses this technology to control every move you make and to change the way you are.  At least all Microsoft is trying to do is persuade you to do something which is buy from them it's not so bad considering this ad scheme is all over the internet especially Google areas like YouTube.

  • Well they said you can be offline now, but I do have a problem with the Kinect, I really don't want one. Can you just not plug it in or do you have to have it connected to play?

  • The Kinect needs to be plugged in that's why so many people are still complaining about not like the extra eyes on them.  In fact I actually heard even if you leave it plugged in and put something over it a big ole annoying alert pops up and doesn't going away saying Kinect view is being obstructed.  Maybe the only reason I don't mind is because I already have a Kinect on my 360 so this doesn't seem like a big deal.

  • ^ Haha wow, an alert that it's blocked...wtf. I was gonna put tape over it or something, if that's the case though...wow, they're obviously watching us.

  • And considering that I play most if not all of my Videogames in my bedroom, the last thing I need is a camera that I don't have complete control over what it is doing :)

    I like how even Penny Arcade comics calls it the "Evil Camera" in one of their recent strips


  • Microsoft and Skype number one in bed with the nsa,then to have an always on eye watching your every move,tracking every debit and credit card purchase,tracking every cell phone not just Verizon,and brain mapping with the info   rense/political/weapons/nsa.html     yes big brother will be watching...Xbox not for me

  • The thing is you can set it to watch for you to come in view to sign you in, or you can set it to only have the voice activated, or you can set it to only listen for the words xbox on, or you can set it to not listen or watch at all. So theyre not really watching you. i think its just peoples imaginations and misinformation.

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