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What are your thoughts on the New "Xbox One?"

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  • I will not be buying one. I will wait till after it has been out for a while and they realize that *** will not fly, and they change that ***.



  • With Microsoft's reversal on used games, I think the console will be just as successful as the PS4 or more so.  People are so addicted to their pointless gamerscores that they will buy it on that alone.  Hell, even the thought or leaving behind my Gamerscore bugs me!  I hope both consoles thrive as in the past because it will only translate into quality games and innovation for all platforms.  The only hesitation I have about buying an Xbox One is the always on Kinect.  Having a 1080p motion sensing camera always on in my living room and connected to the internet is very unnerving and sounds like a hacker's dream come true.  I already walk around with a device that tracks my whereabouts 24/7 and the NSA tracks my phone calls.  I think I draw the line there.

  • I think it's going to be great it's a great step forward with so many new features.  I already pre-ordered it mainly because I can't wait to experience Ryse Son of Rome for myself.  However my only fear with the pre-ordering is I'm seriously hoping that they don't come out with a better version quickly that fixes big problems like RROD on the Xbox 360.

  • I think there's a lot of potential for the console, but they're not looking to impress the gamers much anymore. They're really looking to impress the general public that doesn't necessarily play video games. Though it's smart to look at everyone, it's the gamers that should be the main focus.

    Ciao for now.

  • Not entirely sure what to think about the Xbox One, but I'm keeping my eye on it and waiting to see if it has problems after launch, because I might consider buying it if it has no problems like over heating and no issues with Kinect.

  • I come from the PC side of things, so I am fairly failure with what they are trying to tell us in the hardware specs that have been stated so far. So I am going to take a look at this from the PC world and play devil's advocate with the PS4 as well.

    For the CPU they look like they are going to be pretty much neck and neck. Unfortunately I am not all that familiar with how efficient the new extensions both Microsoft and Sony will be using. And the costume extensions are only as good as the programmers that utilize and optimize them when building their games. The CPUs are also the biggest disappointment, on both consoles. While they are both advertised as “Octal-Core” CPUs (8-core CPUs), remember this is AMD's advertisement at its best, and is based off of  the Bulldozer architecture, so it is 4 Physical Cores and 8 Logical Cores. Which is AMD's counterpart to Intel's Hyper-Threading. While Bulldozer's modules are heavily beefed up compared to Intel's threads, they still do not measure up to Intel's performance in the end. And just to be fair about the whole AMD and Intel, I run AMD (Phenom X6 1100T) on my gaming rig and it dose do a nice job. The Biggest disappointment is they are both going to be a low wattage design package based off the mobile versions of the AMD CPUs. I am running six physical cores at 4GHz on a three year old and three generations old AMD CPU,  XB1 and the PS4 is using the latest AMD technology but the mobile version of the CPU which will limit the cores to the 1.5GHz to 2GHz range (it looks like a big engine when you pop the hood, but the truth is the horsepower is just not there). While they will be a newer generation CPU with new extensions specifically designed for video games, this new CPU is going to have everything it can do to keep up with a Phenom X6 running at 4GHz. The second disappointment is that it is still x86 (32-bit) architecture, we have had true 64-bit CPUs pioneered by AMD back in the early 2000s, this would allow programmers once again to better optimize the game engines to run more efficiently and add to the wow-factor.

    The RAM for the XB1 is 8GB of DDR3, which will be good, on the CPU side this will be excellent. But what makes it bad is this RAM is also shared with the GPU, which would be best given its own dedicated cache of like 2GB of GDDR5 ram to maximize efficiently and workloads. Now with the PS4 they gave it 8GB of GDDR5 which is a high-speed low-latency RAM designed for graphics cards, personally I found the idea rather intriguing, but on the CPU side the GDDR5 is not going to see much of a performance increase if any at all, remember these are AMD CPUs. I have two SSDs in a stripped array on my PC, I also have 16GB of DDR3, so I did a little experiment and portioned off a section of my RAM to be used as a physical drive (we are talking about 8GB/s rates if not better (my read rates were around 10GB/s,but I am just going by the slower read speeds to be fair) , that is about a whole dual-layer DVD of information in one second, or a whole BlueRay disc of information in about three seconds, in short that is fast, we are talking bat out of hell with it's balls to the walls and a rocket-booster strapped to its back fast) But when I installed a game onto the drive I made out of my RAM the loading times were not all that much faster than on my SSD array, this is because even at about 550MB/s of data transfer from the SSD array the CPU was already getting the data handed to it fast enough, it was the CPU itself that still had to work on processing the data. So as you can see even with the slower speeds of the DDR3 in the XB1 vs GDDR5 in the PS4 there is not going to be much of a performance gain seen. But in both systems they could have at least gave the CPU and GPU their own dedicated RAM for better performance.

    GPUs, this is what is going to make and break the whole performance. Now both the XB1 and PS4 have an AMD/Radeon based graphics card, and I believe we would be safe to say they are based off the 7000 series GPUs AMD has out now. The XB1 has 768 streaming processors, while the PS4 is packing 1152. I have the older 6970 cards with 1536. The PS4 is going to be in the same ballpark with one of my GPUs, but the XB1 will be falling behind significantly here. They cannot even bump the core speed up enough in the XB1 to begin to touch the PS4's graphical performance. To give you an idea of performance on paper the PS4's hardware is packing 50% more power in the GPU than the XB1, in real-world performance your looking at 20-35% more power.

    Now the CPUs and GPUs are all on the same die, so it is understandable as to why they use the lower-end mobile versions of this hardware. First and foremost is the cost, the current AMD “8-core” CPUs cost from $150 up to $200. Second and third are the heat issues, there is going to be allot of BTUs getting pumped out of these APUs, so the lower power consumption will lower the thermal output, the lower wattage will also allow for higher safe temps, most laptop CPUs can go as high as 105*C, try that with a desktop CPU, most of them will slag at about 80-85*C. So you now have a cheaper CPU & GPU with a lower thermal output, lower energy consumption, and a higher thermal tolerance which in turns helps out by making the system more compact by not needing high volumes of airflow and large heat sinks (copper is expensive now days). On the up side with both the XB1 and PS4 making some nice sized contracts with AMD hopefully they can dump some major cash into R&D to make impressive improvements to their future products.

    But this can all be taken as a grain of salt too, as not everyone feels the need to play video games with maximum graphical capabilities. It also boils down to game designers and programmers to streamline their game engines to maximize performance to the existing hardware. And most of the major game titles are cross-platform,  with only a few console specific titles. The base decisions of which console to get now days was not like when I was growing up with the Nintendo, Atari, Sega and later on the PlayStation, where each console had its own unique library of games with only a few titles that were seen on multiple consoles, there was also the amount of buttons crammed onto the controllers and the graphical performance of each system.

    Myself I was not very impressed with Microsoft's choices in hardware with the XB1 and it has not won me over, plus most of the console specific titles I like do appear on the PS4. Not to mention the price tags as well, $500 to get started with the XB1 and $400 to get started with the PS4. All other consoles and platforms put aside, it is going to be a major improvement over the existing xBox 360. Honestly I see it as a flop than a success.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • now that they have reversed their stance pertaining to DRM, I will be happy to own an XBOX ONE. I, probably, will not be purchasing a Day One Edition of either console however, due to the fact that the next generation launch lineup looks to be one of the worst, imo, launch lineups ever. I am excited to see how developers utilize the new hardware to make games even more immersive.

  • I'm not getting one at launch. I'm going PS4 for launch but I'll be keepin a close eye on One to see if they take out that damn Kinect. I hate it, don't want one and definitely don't want one forced on me. I can say this with 100% accuracy, if it comes with Kinect I will not buy one ever. Now make a different SKU without it and I'm game but until then MS jus loss a fan.

  • i like it if only they'll follow sonys lead and add free onlye multi player to xbox live gonna be buy xbox one any way. its like an updated 360.

  • I'm pumped for it! I preordered it after they first announced. I'm actually kind of bummed about the DRM switch. I liked what they were trying to with it at first. But, I understand why they flipped back the current system. Anyway, everything they're doing with the cloud is AWESOME and I am actually looking forward to using Kinect 2.0. Not to mention Titanfall is going to be badass! I can't wait for this upcoming holiday season!

  • I love my Xbox 360 and my PS3. I was completely in the middle before the announcements, not knowing which system I would buy in the new generation. I think that Xbox one did a horrible job of marketing their new console. I honestly think they are trying to go the steam approach and have their customers buy the games digitally. If that is the case, maybe they should have taken the chance and not  come out with physical copies at all. I think this would have caused a lot less backlash than their ridiculous DRM policy. In the end I chose the PS4

  • Amazing console!!!

  • I am excited to see the capabilities of the new "cloud gaming" and the entertainment aspect of the Kinect. I have it pre-ordered and I hope my money was put to good use.

  • I would like to say I am very satisfied with my 360. The one is coming out. Can't really afford it because I have to buy two. Heard they want play with my 360 if u have the one. Some of my friends getting the one and when they get it we want be able to play together. I think they should make it where all can play together. Oh well they don't think much for the ( little people )

  • Well its Aug 20 and the Xbox One is a def. In my opinion The Xbox One has made more changes from its current console. Xbox One is truly the next-gen console.

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