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What are your thoughts on the New "Xbox One?"

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  • I just want to know your thoughts on the next Generation Microsoft Console, Xbox One?

  • I'm a bit hesitate as of right now, I'd like to see what comes out of E3 and if there's a solid launch library.  There's been nothing but negative press so far and its a bit concerning.

  • Exactly, I cant agree with you more, and all that is coming out is negative info that doesnt really seem to help Microsoft get into the lead.

  • I think the next gen Xbox One is mainly focusing on family oriented activity's. The only real hardware upgrade that catches my eye is the Blu-Ray, witch was a fairly big advantage the PS3 had  The whole motion sensor thing and voice responsive tech is nice, but I think the reality will be a lot of support will be loss from the casual gamer in that category. However I'm not a fourtane teller so the real test will be when it comes out for a year or two and see what happens.  

  • Honestly I don't like much about it right now. I really dislike the whole used gaming concept, and I don't like how every game has to be installed on the hard drive. I will be willing though to give it more of a chance when E3 comes.

  • There is lot of changes in the new xbox compare to their previous. Yet, I still don't like much of their game.

  • Its pure crap xbox is finished they have made a game system that focuses more on your tv than games itself that's ridiculous. PS4 has already stated they are in to make the best games possible its going to be a massacre for microsoft they have no idea how bad they are about to get destroyed. Times are a changing and time for Sony to regain the limelight like the good ol ps1 and ps2 days.

  • I really think Xbox One will do good.

  • @FPS

    here is the problem with that, the hardware specs are very close to identical for both the X1 and the PS4.  It is hard to say with absolute certainty since the system are not out but it seems very reasonable that any game that will run on PS4 will also run on X1.  On paper the performance gap between the 2 consoles should be closer than the gap between 360 and PS3.

    Now that is not to say Microsoft did not screw up this reveal.  They did forget to show the system first and foremost as a gaming console.  They completely missed the audience that would be tuning in for the reveal show.  Had they just gone and said it is a bigger more robust 360 with 4times the processing, 4 times the graphics, 16 times the memory, running Blu-Ray, Ohh yeah and it can also work as a DVR whole house entertainment hub they would have been fine (because in reality this is what it is).

    Where they may be really screwing up is with how they handle indie titles and self published games.  How they work with F2P games, and lastly what they do with used titles.  A lot of this has been over blown because we just dont know, every website seems to have contradicting information, and they could always change it before launch also.  Hardware wise the X1 should be fine, it will be the policies put in place that could ruin it.  Of course all it needs are a handful of must play exclusives and people will forget about all the other crap.  

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  • I have been a PC gamer for a long time and Steam is where I live. I decided last year after watching a friend of mine play Call of Duty on his big screen television to get into console gaming.

    It is too late to get a 360 so have been following up on Xbox One closely. The way I see it, so far I like some of things that MS has done with the One. I actually like the Kinect integration and voice commands are actually welcome. The only thing I hate so far is the used game policy. I am on board with everything else, really.

  • Right now I'm not very impressed and the way Microsoft is treating the consumers is starting to really annoy me. I have both a ps3 and a 360 and I'm not a fan boy of either company but the X1 isn't looking all to pleasing to me and lately I've been playing my ps3 and Vita more and more and I'm failing to see the appeal in Xbox gaming

  • i'm super PO'd at Microsoft. this xbox one crap is ridiculous. I've always played most games on xbox, only sony's exclusives. looks like i'll be a playstation+ subscriber soon. 10 years of live down the tube. all because of these stupid restrictions that go against everything the gaming industry was built on. people will still buy it, naturally, but I won't get one at launch, if at all. that's a lie, i'll get one when Halo comes out but if I don't have the internet it'll just sit on the shelves with my other collectables.

    Some of the new exclusives look good, but Microsoft's first party track record is spotty at best. the bulk of the games i'll want to play are third party multi console releases and I have no problem playing them on a cheaper console. explain that microsoft. how you gonna charge more and have restrictions. are all windows based pcs gonna require an internet connection now.

    Never have any consoles had any restrictions at all other that the games had be for that platform. having to "check" in online for updated activity. I don't want you tracking me. they will be tracking everyone's purchases at gamestop. they will know when you buy something?? ridiculous. way to go MS. as if going thru 9 xbox 360's from various errors and of course, RROD's, wasn't enough. this is how you repay those loyal customers? jeez im furious. ima shut up now. I could go on forever.

  • Demoralized. Though I still believe the X1 is a game system at heart, Microsoft hasn't shown anything else that I care about. Instead, they've offered restrictive DRM schemes and other the issues that, while they may not affect me personally, is just a layer of crap I really don't want to have to deal with. My Internet's always on, but why would I pay $500 + games for something that wouldn't work if it wasn't?

    And look, there is a lot of piling on going on and people spreading old, proven-false information in forums and comments. But there are enough confirmed issues with the console that I'm strongly considering a change. No backwards compatibility makes for a very easy breakup. The 360 co-op games my wife and I still enjoy years later will always be there- on the 360.

  • I'm gonna try to give a short and sweet response to this. I think that Sony is playing it safe. Look at the Playstation 4, then look at the Xbox 360. There a lot of similarities besides the upgraded hardware.  They are trying to appeal to today's gamers while the One is trying to appeal to tomorrow's gamers. I think Microsoft built the One in preparation for the undeniable digital era. These consoles came at a bad time because both companies had to decide if they would stick with the current that might be changing, or risk on what's coming and hope it comes soon. Both companies took different routes and the PS4 is a big hit right now because of it. I think the One is a wonderful console though with a lot more potential than what people are giving it. I can not wait to get  my hands on it.

  • I really loved the 360, and i'm excited to see what direction Microsoft will move in with the Xbox One. That being said, that used game thing might push me over the edge. Purely based on the functionality of the consoles, and considering my loyalty to Microsoft, I would buy the Xbox One, but I trade games with friends all the time, and the Xbox one would make that so much more difficult.

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