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I think Microsoft it making the right move

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  • You probably are thinking :

    Stupid Xbox fanboy or cod fanboy 

    What are you 12

    Why I say this:


    Microsoft has been way more courageous in this new console generation

    They are trying new things that seem useless but really are useful


    Microsoft has now purchased many new studios 

    They have more exclusives now than at any point in Xbox history

    Please tell me what you think in the comments.



  • They are making a move, that much is certain. How I see it, if you want an all-in-one entertainment package, the Xbone seems up your alley, but if you want a legitimate video game console with no strings attached... you probably are better off choosing something else. I won't say that the Xbone ISN'T seemingly an impressive piece of hardware but the rumored philosophies that surround it are very questionable for those of us who play video games extensively. If you don't know what "philosophies" I speak of.. well, pull up some of the most recent articles and you'll get a good understanding.

    Personally I am holding off on a concrete decision until there is concrete information available, whether that be during E3 or at the time of its release. What I can say is currently I am favoring the PS4. As much as I hate to say it, only time will tell if Microsoft can sway me.

  • Right now I'm in this middle ground where I found their press conference terribly disappointing (I really don't care how cool watching TV will be when I'm using my xbox because I'm still just going to be watching TV) but in my bones I feel I'll eventually buy one... I'm just really hoping that they kill it at E3 and just talk about games because if I watch another press conference about how they've signed a million deals with other TV channels my bones may change their mind

  • The screw up so far is who they targeted with the press release.  First and foremost the X1 is a gaming console.  Where they went wrong is judging who were the people that are following the industry close enough to tune in for the reveal.  It's not the casual madden fans, not those worried about following their fantasy football rosters on Sunday.  It was gamers that tuned in (not that gamers are not sports fans also, but I did not tune in to the reveal for that.  I wanted information on how the X1 was going to change gaming).

    What they showed would have been better at a madden reveal event.  Or tied in with ESPN somehow, having the system set up in the green rooms there in Bristol and promoting it that way.  Look at what Zombie said above and it, it speaks tons to what Msoft revealed.  I 100% agree that Microsoft needs to expand its marketing,  If they can sell the X1 as a hybrid gaming console, Tivo, media center, smart tv system, it will greatly expand the appeal of the system.  But be smart about it and know which audience you are marketing too at which time.  There is a time and place to focus on the non gaming part of the console.  The system reveal when its mostly gamers tuning in is not that time

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  • Anti consumer policies are not courageous. Stop being a corporate thrall, Microsoft doesn't pay you for compliments. You're doing console gaming a disservice by limiting the ability to play for many

  • I was planning on getting both originally but after the reveal probably PS4 only.  I already own a DVR and satellite and netflix for past 5 years and the anti end user policies that are rumored are turning me off hugely.

  • That's the smart step taken by the organization, this step is definitely going to turn out in their favor.

  • It's smart that they went ahead and announced all these anti-consumer policies before E3, so people will be ooooh'ed and ahhh'ed by their games and that will be the most recent thing on their mind. The smartness, however, ends there. The only reason there is a need for 24 hour internet checks is because it requires you to download the disc to your hard drive. If it didn't require that, it wouldn't need the 24 hour internet checks to see if a game is your game.

  • Making players wade through a bunch of draconian end-user barriers to be able to play the games we already bought is not the right move.  The fact that a big reason for all of it is to try and crush the second-hand market and get rid of it as competition is just salt in the wound.

  • Microsoft was targeting a wider and different audience and that audience doesn't go around gaming websites discussing the Xbox One. The people that they were targeting probably don't even know the Xbox One exists. Microsoft knows that when those people see their commercial and see all that the Xbox One does they will buy it. They will say "Hey, this is great we can see our shows, watch ESPN and all our favorites movies with this box. Oh and Mike can play his stupid little video games too."

  • I don't know if I agree with that.  I mean, the people you talked about are the people who already have a cable box, DVD/blu ray player, and whatever else.  They're not the people who are going to be motivated to consolidate these things into one entertainment console.  

    But at the same time they missed their should-be target audience (video gamers) by trying to appeal to another audience who doesn't care.  What they should have done (in my opinion) was say "Look at how awesome video gaming will be, AND look how convenient it'll be when you can ditch your cable box and dvd player - or move it to another tv - and have all of that right here."

  • Courageous isn't a word I would use. I don't really know what exclusives you are talking about, as of right now they only have 2 titles that are exclusive that are confirmed for the Xbox One. I don't agree with what they are doing, especially which can change the industry from this one move, I've stated before that it's not right they can get a profit of used sales. It's something that the car industry, movie industry, and book industry get nothing of. I really don't like the always online issue either. I don't think it's right to HAVE  to be connected to the internet to play a game that you purchased. In a couple years when the Xbox One is done and they turn off the service, it'll be nothing but a black useless box sitting in your room; and that's something I don't like.

  • It's also worth pointing out that some industries even embraced the second-hand market.  Car manufacturers sell parts for used cars, they offer HUGE incentives to buy new, ect.

    What incentive do we gamers get to buy new?  Meaningless pre-order bonuses is what.  NOT having to pay money to unlock online features is not incentive, It's negative reinforcement.  

    The used game market was created out of publisher/developer greed in the first place.  Retailers are just as greedy, and neither they or the industry want to come to any sort of compromise.  In the end we are the ones that are going to suffer for it.

  • I like this new move I know many in the gaming community don't share my opinion but to each it's own.  I'm happy that Microsoft is taking a step ahead of it's competitors and trying to innovate a new way to experience gaming. Sometimes you do fail and maybe this is one of those times but as of now I'm still applauding their innovation in this new console generation.

  • Except now that MS was basically forced to retract the required online check-in's, and registration DRM for all games, they dropped a lot of features they were so proudly touting.  Even though a lot of them could still of been implemented in some way.

    MS basically took their ball and went home because no one wanted to play by their rules.

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