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Xbox One Discussion: Likes, Dislikes, Games

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  • Truthfully for me the new system is bleh looking. The commands are a neat feature though. But still going on so keep watching.

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  • Not a fan of the name or look. Still tired of all the companies that try to sell me features I already have. I can skype already, and watch movies while I play games. I do like that they are trying to get more exclusives. And getting FIFA exclusives to try and pull in more europeans was a smart move. The used game fee and forced installs are tricky. And still paying for online play is a double edged sword.

    I want to see what the exclusives are and how many games will be ready at launch.

    All in all I'd call it pretty average for now. Like a 7 out of 10. My opinion of course

  • I have been a devout MS fan, but today has been an eye opener. Not only do I feel that the core gamers are being thrown out in the cold, but I see that MS just doesn't comprehend what people REALLY want. Sony knows how to please everyone, whether they be devs or customers. When I buy a GAMING console, I get it to game on, not to watch tv, skype, watch youtube, or whatever PC feature i can do with my *gasp* PC. I don't want a glorified cable box, I want a gaming console. What MS fails to see that yes the casual crowd is bigger, but it's the core crowd that comes back for more. You lose that core group and you'll end up in the dustpin with every other failed gaming corporation. It's your move MS, but i'm not pleased or sold. 3 out of 10

  • For an initial console reveal, this was absolute garbage. Being Microsoft, I knew they were going to talk about multimedia integration that I personally couldn't give two *** about, but I didn't think it would ever be this bad. I understand that they are saving stuff for E3, but this whole press conference was to build positive buzz for X1, not sink it before it even left port. They should have done what Sony essentially did and shown off enough games to keep your fans happy and get other people excited. Not only did Sony obviously save a lot for E3, they also showed, drum-roll please, GAMES, unlike Microsoft. Unless they show off something awesome besides more Gears, Halo, Forza, or some "new" gritty shooter, I'm sitting out the next xbox for the time being.

  • Sorry, pretty much disliked it all. 1 outta 10.  The new case is too big and lacks any sexiness.  The Kinect looks like HAL.  I have not been into Kinect and probably never will.  I would not want it.  Seeing as they're saying it must be connected to the console to use it, I will not be buying it.  I don't use my 360 for TV, movies, Netflix, browsing, etc.  I use it to game, sometimes online.  Nope.  They sold me on turning in my 360 to get my kids a Wii U.  I will go back to full-time PC gaming.

  • Microsoft wants the Xbox One to replace everything in my living room...but fails to replace the only thing that has been there since 2005. If it cannot play my 8 year collection of 360 games I will never purchase one.

  • I think that the only way the reveal could have gone better is if they had hired Paul Christoforo as their spokesperson.

  • The Xbox one fails in many ways one the used game side were games lock to an account what happends to the people who buy all there games new then when they get a collection of 25 games what happends when there account gets hacked banned and possbly deleted. I then could not use any of my games on a new account with out repurchesing all my games I call deal breaker not worth buying the system. Two always online what happends when Internet is lost for days my system will then become a really expensive paper waight sweet and don't forget ppl who don't have Internet becouse there area does not provide it. And three the controller looks great but if I can't use my xp400 turtle beachs which cost 300$ then I'm not buying the system becouse it does not work with my gear.

    Ps. I have over 100 360 games I want to be able to play those on the Xbox one just saying.

  • To those saying they want to play their xbox 360 games has it not already been confirmed you can not?

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  • So far there a a few glaring problems I see.  I don't use Gamefly, but the market for MS games on this system will be non-existent since the games appear to be account-linked.  The next problem is the required full download.  I don't own a few games.  It's closer to a few hundred so space will be gone quickly.  The last problem is I love to collect games and play whenever I feel like it.  How long will the support last when they move on to the next Xbox.  It's fine to say most people don't go back and play old games, but I don't like paying for a game and only being able to play it as long as they support it, or that studio remains in business.  If I download a game, that can be expected, but if I have the physical media it's unacceptable.

  • I own a new premium, large, smartv and have had a DVR satellite service, netflix, android devices and other things of that nature for 5 years at least.  Gaming consoles are for gaming, and so far the anti end user policies rumored with the xbox are making me change my mind from getting both new systems to getting only PS4.

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