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First off I’d like to say to all those who wish to align themselves as a member of the halo community. Community is a beautiful thing. We as a community share a vested interest in something that to us is important. So, I ask, nay I plead that we as community try our hardest to care about what each of us has to say. You cannot move mountains alone, nor can you move them whilst the house is divided. I care about your wishes for 60fps and 1080p, and would never wish to jeopardize those wishes for your wants are just as valid as mine. That said if it is possible for us to find a way to allow for split screen coop in campaign with out affecting any of your desires, will you still want to devalue my, and many others wishes? I want for Halo to continue, but I also want for it to take care of every aspect of its patrons. That means all of you, and myself as well. For what is a community if we dismiss, and ostracize those whose opinions we don’t agree with. Even if it doesn’t affect you, as a fellow member of the community you should still care. Now onward to the main point. Halo was my king for playing with my friends. My friends never played online so local was the only way to play. My closest friendship actually formed from playing halo 1-4 (and everything in between) together. We talked, laughed, and played the part of UNSC badass. That's 12 straight years of playing halo together (Local!). To lose that, would be akin to losing a part of Halo altogether. 60 FPS is, a reason, but people don't always care what your reasons are for doing something they dislike. I love your work with halo 4, and I doubt that ran at 60 fps when I played local, so do you think any of us really care if you lowered it to 30, and hell! You could clock it in at 720p, and I still wouldn't care because halo 4 looked amazing because of the art direction and design regardless of 1080p or 720p. I don't know any of you personally nor do I feel I have the right to tell you what to do. However, what I do know for certain is that you're now in control of something I've loved since I was 6, and I'm 19 now. That's more than a majority of my life. All I ask is that you consider it, for us. I know it may be a lot to ask but it's means so much to us. And if you say nay in I would assume a kind way, then at least express to us that you care. It's not the same as having what we want but, at least it proves there is a dialogue between us. That's enough badgering for now. Thank you for your work on Halo anniversary, 4, and MCC I quite enjoyed all of them, so cheers from a wishful fan :) Oh, and sorry for all of the belligerence you may find in some peoples messages. It's just a frustrating feeling, and your average Joe has a hard time constructively using that energy.