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Has your experience on Xbox One been good or bad so far?

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  • For bf4 that's a common pglitched cross all platforms. That game is just glitched. I just picked up for a and had the same problem . not sure why that happened, but besides that I've been having a blast with the exclusive s . I also have a ps4 and oc.

  • I have had some good experiences with XB1.  Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, and Titanfall are all superb games all around.  However Ryse was probably one of the worst purchases I've ever made!  I also was really disappointed with Forza and Kinect performance.  It will get better though.  I also have PS4 and the gaming experience on it has been better for me.  However, the PS4 controller battery life is AWFUL.  If I had to guess I would say it prob lasts for 30-35% the length of the PS3 controller battery.  Also the fact that nothing on the home screen or app bar can be changed is really annoying.  Also, the blue background is starting to drive me nuts.  They should at least let you shut it off to plain black, if they are not going to allow any customization.

  • My xbox 360 experience was worse then my Xbox one experience. To this day i cannot fully play games that i directly downloaded with out some initial problem. While most of these games were free with live, I payed $15 for Assassin's Creed liberation and still can't get to the main menu. The only issues i have with my xbox one is that sometimes when i play Titan fall the frame rate drags, but that usually doesn't get in the way  

    Good bye, and keep on gaming.

  • So far been great. Bf4 everyone had issues with so can't really hold it against them but titan fall has been spot on and the system I really like. The constant updates are great to improve the software. Only frustrating part is having to download update and install before playing a game. Due to slow internet connection it took about 2 hours before I could play bf4 on launch day.

  • It had it's ups and downs since day one release but I really enjoy seeing the X1 evolve over these months.I have watched the PS4 and Wii U over these months and the Wii U had significant upgrades to miiverse making it very social friendly.PS4 just been......eeh! Not just power and games the U.I. is very important to me too.

  • Idk... After the day one titanfall blunder. And now it being literally impossible for me to play destiny. While my cousin with a ps4 just jams on it... Is reeeeealy making me think I should have went ps4 this time around.. Loved my 360.. But this One just ain't cutting it for me... Yet...

  • I have had my X1 for almost 5 months, it was a gift I have had no hardware issues. However Two of my xbox live pals have had horrendous experiences. One had to buy 4 different consoles before he got one that would function properly. the second just got his back from a repair order and it still does not work.... I have been a gamer all of my life and saw limitless value when online play came to be. Friends  grow up and move away but we will always have memories of standing in the cold for a midnight release or ditching school to be the first to beat the new game. All of those memories combined with a friendly Xbox reminder help keep long time friends close and lets be real that is what games are for..... After hearing two close friends  experiences it makes it hard to recommend spending 500 bucks for a 50% chance of mass frustration. I hope Microsoft will not forget that word of mouth will always be the best advertising, and the only chance they have of converting a select group of gamers to the next gen era.

  • Most of the game issues (server and save games disappearing) you are describing have nothing to do with the Xone. Those are all server issues with EA and whatever game you are playing. All of those issues were known issues and have since been patched. Almost you entire poor experience has all been related to rushed releases of games, not the Xone. BF4 was just efen horrible and the NBA games have had all sorts of issues.

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