if you are unaware recently that announced the kingdom hearts 1.5 remix will becoming out to us in north America however it will be a ps3 exclusive.  i know lots of xbox fans that love kingdom hearts and are upset about this announcement. kingdom hearts have been on nintendo handhelds as well as Sony consoles but there has not been one kingdom hearts game on any xbox platform.  we should be very upset as a community kingdom hearts isn't a sony exclusive so there should be no reason why there releasing it only on ps3. the Xbox community constantly supports square Enix by purchasing their games and we would pay to get 1.5 remix.  i for one don't believe we should continue to support them if they wont even listen to our desires and respect what we want as gamers ,especially since their company makes their money from the Xbox community as well. 

what do you think should we as a community continue to support square Enix even though they wont even release a game on our system that many xbox fans been dying to play. i would also go to square Enix north America website and voice your complaints as well the more fans that desire it the better chances of us getting it in the future.