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  • Sorry but the X Box One will never cross my door step.  That comes from someone who has been video gaming since the days of the Vectrex System.  Microsoft is not a user friendly company, they folded on the DRM because they knew they would get hosed on sales for Christmas.  That being said the re implementation for their whole plan is only an update away.  I work in IT and I really don't trust Microsoft any longer.  There are real security concerns with this box as well.  Most people won't even know they have now become a Nealson family without getting paid for it.  The box will track what you watch, purchase and play.  Facial recognition is just freakin creepy on a video game system, and a camera that is always on..  It's down right Orwellian. Notice the careful wording MS used about the DRM feature.  They have turned off the need for a "constant" internet connection, but how much do you want to bet it still will phone home from time to time, and send all that data to someone.

    Sorry I guess I'll stick with my PS3 gen 1 backward compatible btw, I'm going to take a serious look at the PS4 at some point next year.  I'm keeping my X Box 360 arcade system My Sega Dreamcast and Genesis, Nintendo Game Cube and WII, Atari Jaguar, 2600, 5200 and Lynx and yes I still have the Vectrex.