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  • There is a key difference that you are missing.  You know what Microsoft is doing, they are not hiding it in any way.  If you buy an X1 you know what you are signing up for.  The government was doing it in secret.

    Then you are also blowing it a bit out of proportion.  The X1 is not recording everything you are doing.  The Kinect Sensor does monitor the room for when someone enters, but that is just so the sensor is aware if you give it a command.  Think a motion sensor, it is not actively recording everything you do.  You can turn on capture and it will record to your hard drive and later you can uplaod that to the net.  But it is not like the X1 is watching you watch TV and uploading that to some server somewhere.  So you have choices, dont get an X1.  Unplug it from the internet or even from the wall when you aren't  using it, or heck even throw a towel over the sensor.

    Watch out for people using Google Glass also, they are recording us all and uploading it without us knowing.