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  • The Xbox one fails in many ways one the used game side were games lock to an account what happends to the people who buy all there games new then when they get a collection of 25 games what happends when there account gets hacked banned and possbly deleted. I then could not use any of my games on a new account with out repurchesing all my games I call deal breaker not worth buying the system. Two always online what happends when Internet is lost for days my system will then become a really expensive paper waight sweet and don't forget ppl who don't have Internet becouse there area does not provide it. And three the controller looks great but if I can't use my xp400 turtle beachs which cost 300$ then I'm not buying the system becouse it does not work with my gear.

    Ps. I have over 100 360 games I want to be able to play those on the Xbox one just saying.