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Xbox 720

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  • Do u think with Microsoft coming out with the Xbox 720 does anyone think that it will replace the Xbox 360??

  • No, Microsoft is going to invest thousands in trying to develope the Xbox 720 and then halfway through, they'll realize what a waste of time it was and instead merge with Sony. They'll then release the Playbox 540 and they'll do what Nintendon't, putting Nintendo out of business and thus beginning the Sony and Microsoft Empire.

    In the year 2078, Microsoft and Sony will hire an assassin to take out the future U.S. president and have the VP take over who they had planted there during his run for office. They'll begin a mission to space in order to expand the two companies reaches beyond the confines of Earth and on to the further reaches of the galaxy. Eventually, they discover alien lifeforms and educate them and advance their culture to be corporate slaves who live to please Sony and Microsoft.

    One day, Kevin Butler's head will be in jar, similar to many "Futurama" characters and as the head of the Sony division of the conglomerate, he will formulate a plan to take down the Microsoft division so Sony will rain supreme as they did during the PS2 era. He calls a meeting with Carrot Top, who is head of Microsoft at this point in time  and who has only been able to sustain life due to his overuse of props. Kevin pours Carrot Top a glass of wine, which unbeknownst to Carrot Top has been poisoned. Before Kevin Butler's plan goes into full effect, Carrot Top begins to put his own plan into action! He kicks Kevin Butler's jar over, breaking it, and causing Kevin's head to disintegrate instantly! Carrot Top dies shortly after. Both Sony and Microsoft employees are shocked but happy as well that they can finally lead their own lives instead of being tied to the restraints lain on them by Sony and Microsoft. They rejoice, parading in the streets and drinking heavily. Video Game consoles will no longer be produced after this and everyone will take a step outside and maybe jog or play basketball with other people. In other words, they will live, no thrive.

    And then I woke up. Yes. Yes, the Xbox 720 or whatever Microsoft will call it, will replace the Xbox 360.

  • thx for your reply cause there's a provability that that might happen:)

  • Interesting

  • If that was a real dream...I don't even...

  • i know

  • HEY MY LAST NAMES SANDOVAL TOO BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe

  • That dream is now an interesting conspiracy, and Microsoft plans on naming it the Xbox Infinity.

    XBL: Elit3Eight

  • You have a very vivid imagination!

  • It's funny that Microsoft might actually name it the Xbox 720.. Because when Xbox 360 came out, everyone laughed and made the simple joke: "Next Xbox console! 720!" (For you of those you don't understand... Xbox360 + Xbox360 = Xbox 720").

    Now we have this at the conference table...

    Representative: "Chairman.. We need a new Xbox sales floor name..."

    Chairman: "... 7... 720...?"

    Representative (1): "By god... It's amazing..."

    Now we have it... 720 it is... <3


    (Sarcasm and for laughs. "Xbox Infinity" Is the foretold new name for the next console.

    "It's that we can't attack, defend, nor distract! At least.. We can see!" ~ Obby the Observer 

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