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Mass Effect 3 **Official** Thread.

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  • Post anything mass effect 3 related here. What we want, rumors, and confirmed facts.

    Mod Edit: This will now be used as the official Mass Effect 3 Thread.



  • Confirmed fact: it will be awesome.

  • Wow... Jump the gun much?


  • Confirmed fact:  If you cheated on the person you were with in the first game then there will be severe consequences in the third one. (I have two save files for this)

  • Well Ashley is a giant D-bag in ME2 so I've lost all respect for her, she brought it upon herself.

  • i feel like we should just stamp a big 'ol ME2 spoiler warning right in the thread title and talk about how we think ME2 choices we made will play out in 3.

    ill start with what choice i think will have the most impact in ME3 **SPOILERS**:

    giving the illusive man the collector base: good or bad?

    first playthrough i gave it to him, but afterwards everyone on my team thought it was a bad idea, so in the playthrough im on now im going to blow it up. that way i can play through ME3 with both options ready to go and see how it differs. of course there were a lot of reapers in that last scene... i feel like fighting them with another reaper will help a lot. illusive man isnt exactly a straight shooter tho, who knows what else hed do with it.

  • I think you'll have to choose between the two people you "hooked up" with in the other two and choose who dies and who lives.....like one is a reaper spy and always has been.....wow now that i read that....its alittle out there.

  • They said they have always wanted to finish the trilogy on the xbox 360 so we can probably expect it in two to three years. Im pretty sure I read some where the cast of the second game will all be in 3 maybe with a few from the original.

    Never Let Them See You Bleed

  • i really hope that the cast from the second returns, i really liked everyone in it and its a good variety of skills. plus i dont see them pulling another thing where youre gone for a long time and everyone goes their separate ways, so why would they leave? unless something happens with the geth again then you might lose legion... but thats about it. or maybe miranda or jacob are a spying on you for some sinister purpose of the illusive man (im guessing itd be jacob- cant see them doing that with a love interest).

  • I think it'll be really interesting to see how much decisions you make in the first Mass Effect carry through to the third. For example, you barely see the ramifications of killing Wrex or not. He goes on to become the Krogan chieftain, but you don't get to see what that REALLY means in the second. Something tells me without Wrex you wouldn't be able to get the Krogan to fight the reapers with you.

    I'm going to guess all the big decisions come down to who helps you with the reapers in the final fight (and let's be honest, there HAS to be an epic final fight). Krogan will help with Wrex, Quarians will help with Tali, Geth will help with Legion, maybe even the Rachni will help if you spared the queen in the first.

    Can't waait!!

  • I agree with @Felix, the renegades of the galaxy will have a hard time because they pissed everyone off. EXAMPLE- You killed the council, you get less Turian and Asari ships, and if you killed the Rachni, your not going to get their help. And Tali, Legion, and their respective factions will have to settle their differences and fight as one, which you can't do iff the quarians are in civil war, and so are the geth. Or should I say the geth and the heretics :)

  • i was upset during my first playthrough when tali was holding legion at gunpoint because i didnt have enough renegade skill to settle their dispute with an intimidate (even tho i was like 90% renegade). same with samara's daughter- couldnt fight her off either. this playthrough im being much more renegade, so hopefully i can do both.

    and i feel like telling the quarians to go to or not go to war with the geth could be a big decision for the third game. i told them not to go to war in my first playthrough and i intend to do the same in my second.

  • to bad its not coming out for couple of years... seems kinda unfair since they left it off on such a cliff hanger....   TERRA FIRMA

  • I believe in the third if you have been a renegade in the past two that you join the reapers or are controlled by the reapers (like sarien) then you destroy every race in the galaxy and then the reapers kill you cause you where just a puppet in there evil plot......just my thought

  • Who is going to be hearing any rumors right now? If anything those rumors would be concerning things like DLC. On that note, I'm worried about a new party member as DLC. Since I've already beaten the game once and am one a second play thru, I've essentially wiped him/her out for Mass Effect 3 maybe.

    Here is a question that needs a rumor: a projected release date for Mass Effect 3.

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