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Mass Effect 3 **Official** Thread.

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  • @smccaugh

    I am a huge Sci-Fi fan, and I completely agree with your post.  I love sci-fi books, movies, and games.  I was completely satisfied by the ending of ME3; I thought it was excellent science fiction.

    I love when I finish a book/game/movie like this and then get to read and talk about it with friends and on forums and whatnot.  It's what I think makes truly great and memorable experiences.  

    I can understand that some people wanted an ending that spelled out everything for them, but I don't think it would've been as memorable then.

  • smccaugh:

    i have yet to beat Mass Effect 3 (i have a 6 year old son that wants to watch me play ME1 and ME2 more than ME3) but what i have played is awsome. To everyone that hates the ending of the game I ask are you truely Sci-Fi fans? Like i said i have not beaten the game yet but after reading all of the posts about the let down, i have to say where are the real Sci-Fi fans at? I mean do we all not realize that not all Sci-Fi has to be Star Wars happy endings... What about movies like Inception that make you wonder is he asleep or is he awake. or movies like Alien (of which i am stoaked to see the prequal Promethius) that while Riply did survive, how can it be a happy ending? or even Terminator, no mater what Sarah Conner does Skaynet is still created and the Machines still nuke humans into the stone ages. Why is it that when some one writes a story that is thought provoking like Mass Effect and may not have the pristine outcome that you want we ultimatly feel like we hwve to ridicule it?

    I say we need more games that make us think, we need to face the underlying story and be ready for any possibility.

    I will agree that there are some flaws so far in the game play and that it would be nice to find out what happened to your friends, but ask yourself this. Did the brave men that stormed the beach of Normandy in 1944 find out after the war was over what happened to all of there friends. I am willing to bet that some never found out to some extent. it is a fact of life.

    Mass Effect is a first person RPG we take on the role of Shepard. He/She is not omniscient so it only makes sense that he may not know what happened to every one he knew. (i will also interject that could it be that BioWare is planning a spin off ala Halo 3:ODST, or the new Resident Evil Racoon city)

    Ok so i have said my peace and i look forward to finishing the game.

    Well said.

  • Its so much more then if it is a happy or sad ending. If you're upset that it wasn't a happy ending, then go watch a Disney movie. The reason we are upset is that everything we were told about how it was going to end was a lie. We were told that the things we did throughout 3 games and 150hrs worth of game play were going to effect the ending and that there were going to be like 16 different endings. But instead there are 3 endings, that change colors, and 1 with a little extra cut scene. Someone that has never played the first two games and beat the 3rd one in 15min, can get the same outcome as a person who has spent hours crafting relationships and making decisions they thought were gonna matter, throughout the whole series. That is the main reason. The next reason is that nothing in the ending now makes sense. They added so many unanswered questions and just random things into the end, it was just over whelming. A question or two at the end of a movie or game is acceptable....300 unanswerable and just bizarre things in an ending is not. When writing a conclusion to a paper, you wrap up your point, not add in 15 other points/questions for the reader to ponder. The people that play the Mass Effect games are Si-Fi fans or we wouldn't play it. We are also fans of the awesome work that BioWare has done with an incredible series. All three Mass Effect games are in my opinion the greatest games made today, but i have a problem with the ending, and i know that bunches of people feel the same way.

  • It was great right up ti the end of mass 3, then it all went to well.

  • I loved this game so much. The ending was actually thought provoking and it wasn't your typical 'everyone lives happily ever after' story. It also didn't have to spoon feed the audience every detail and like smccaugh stated, it did make us think. Also, as it was said in the new Game Informer, it's sad their being swayed into making an alternate ending because of the overwhelming number of complaints. I guess we'll see what happens.

    Not my Couch.

    Not my Problem.

  • What is wrong with a happy ending?  The ending to Star wars is excellent(IV) the bad guy is gone the heroes get rewarded and everyone is happy.  Why is that so Bad?  I think Shepard has deserved a happy ending, and whether you think that it is cliched or not I believe that is what most fans anticipated; an epic conclusion that leaves no questions unanswered, and instead we got a conclusion that sucked.  It brought up way too many questions and was riddles with plot holes and canonical errors.  There is no excuse for the pile of crap that Bioware fed us as an 'artistic' ending

    The excuse of 'artistic integrity' is just a cover.  I'm willing to bet the Bioware dev. team was told by EA to deliver an incomplete ending and then charge for DLC, but they failed to anticipate the rabid, rapid, and deserved fan reaction.  So they had to quickly pack-peddle and promise and extended ending (should;d have been an alternate ending) and free multiplayer DLC.

    We as fans were promised varied endings that were the result of our choices throughout the series but instead we were given an A,B, and C choice in the color of our suicide and galactic destruction.  The fans of the series should receive what they expected because we make the product.  We made Mass Effect popular and we deserve a satisfactory ending to our story.  

  • ****Spoiler alert **** The ending SUCKS.  If you have enjoyed the series getting involved with the characters and the important ethical and moral decisions you will hate it.

  • The ending was great it left me thinking what bioware will do with the franchise next

  • First real DLC coming in two days. Cant wait.

  • What is the DLC to consist of? Because the epilogue fixed the two big plot holes but didn't add anything really substantial....

    Also to throw in my two cents they clearly did something right with the ending if there are so many people defending it...but I am on the side of "if BioWare did what we are all letting our minds run away with, they're geniuses. If they didn't, that was such a let down."

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