I wanted to take the liberty to post here and tell you guys about my clan, realistically I don't expect many to care.  Our clan name One Mind Any Weapon is actually the slogan for the marine corps marital arts program, which we borrow respectively.  We believe the slogan best suits what we're trying to accomplish, that being we want strive to create a better online community free of mods and assholes.  We want to bring our "A" game and we play to win but we want to do so while creating a sense of community and respect for our fellow gamers.  We don't feel the need to *** talk other gamers we feel that our playing should speak for itself.   We don't mind and we don't use any underhanded tactics to win, we recognize the boundaries that the developers have established and we respect them while might not always agree with them.  We don't talk *** to other players cause understand no matter what there's always a bigger fish but that only motivates us to get better.  We don't tolerate any form of racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination, there really is just no place for that in online battlefield.   We're laid back and we play to win but if we don't who cares, its just a game its meant to be enjoyed not treated as life or death.  We're actually listed on elite if this sounds like something you'd be interested in please feel free to message me here on live

my tag is; xThe Crowing, same as my username here