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  • What is wrong with a happy ending?  The ending to Star wars is excellent(IV) the bad guy is gone the heroes get rewarded and everyone is happy.  Why is that so Bad?  I think Shepard has deserved a happy ending, and whether you think that it is cliched or not I believe that is what most fans anticipated; an epic conclusion that leaves no questions unanswered, and instead we got a conclusion that sucked.  It brought up way too many questions and was riddles with plot holes and canonical errors.  There is no excuse for the pile of crap that Bioware fed us as an 'artistic' ending

    The excuse of 'artistic integrity' is just a cover.  I'm willing to bet the Bioware dev. team was told by EA to deliver an incomplete ending and then charge for DLC, but they failed to anticipate the rabid, rapid, and deserved fan reaction.  So they had to quickly pack-peddle and promise and extended ending (should;d have been an alternate ending) and free multiplayer DLC.

    We as fans were promised varied endings that were the result of our choices throughout the series but instead we were given an A,B, and C choice in the color of our suicide and galactic destruction.  The fans of the series should receive what they expected because we make the product.  We made Mass Effect popular and we deserve a satisfactory ending to our story.