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  • Its so much more then if it is a happy or sad ending. If you're upset that it wasn't a happy ending, then go watch a Disney movie. The reason we are upset is that everything we were told about how it was going to end was a lie. We were told that the things we did throughout 3 games and 150hrs worth of game play were going to effect the ending and that there were going to be like 16 different endings. But instead there are 3 endings, that change colors, and 1 with a little extra cut scene. Someone that has never played the first two games and beat the 3rd one in 15min, can get the same outcome as a person who has spent hours crafting relationships and making decisions they thought were gonna matter, throughout the whole series. That is the main reason. The next reason is that nothing in the ending now makes sense. They added so many unanswered questions and just random things into the end, it was just over whelming. A question or two at the end of a movie or game is acceptable....300 unanswerable and just bizarre things in an ending is not. When writing a conclusion to a paper, you wrap up your point, not add in 15 other points/questions for the reader to ponder. The people that play the Mass Effect games are Si-Fi fans or we wouldn't play it. We are also fans of the awesome work that BioWare has done with an incredible series. All three Mass Effect games are in my opinion the greatest games made today, but i have a problem with the ending, and i know that bunches of people feel the same way.