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  • [quote user="smccaugh"]

    i have yet to beat Mass Effect 3 (i have a 6 year old son that wants to watch me play ME1 and ME2 more than ME3) but what i have played is awsome. To everyone that hates the ending of the game I ask are you truely Sci-Fi fans? Like i said i have not beaten the game yet but after reading all of the posts about the let down, i have to say where are the real Sci-Fi fans at? I mean do we all not realize that not all Sci-Fi has to be Star Wars happy endings... What about movies like Inception that make you wonder is he asleep or is he awake. or movies like Alien (of which i am stoaked to see the prequal Promethius) that while Riply did survive, how can it be a happy ending? or even Terminator, no mater what Sarah Conner does Skaynet is still created and the Machines still nuke humans into the stone ages. Why is it that when some one writes a story that is thought provoking like Mass Effect and may not have the pristine outcome that you want we ultimatly feel like we hwve to ridicule it?

    I say we need more games that make us think, we need to face the underlying story and be ready for any possibility.

    I will agree that there are some flaws so far in the game play and that it would be nice to find out what happened to your friends, but ask yourself this. Did the brave men that stormed the beach of Normandy in 1944 find out after the war was over what happened to all of there friends. I am willing to bet that some never found out to some extent. it is a fact of life.

    Mass Effect is a first person RPG we take on the role of Shepard. He/She is not omniscient so it only makes sense that he may not know what happened to every one he knew. (i will also interject that could it be that BioWare is planning a spin off ala Halo 3:ODST, or the new Resident Evil Racoon city)

    Ok so i have said my peace and i look forward to finishing the game.


    Well said.