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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Best free roaming games? Please tell me.

  • Forum Post: Halo 4

    Can't wait for Halo 4! Who's with me?
  • Forum Post: If you could make a video game version of the Avengers. Which charters would you chose to star in the movie.

    You need six video game charters in this movie. The rules are that only two charters can be from the same game. i know a lot of you are going to pick Masterchief but be creative. Also come up with a name for your team. Assemble.
  • Forum Post: Who is the most evil super-villain of all time. Any game.

    Which bad guy is the most evil out of all of them. Any game, anyone.
  • Forum Post: Why do we do the things that we do??

    Is wondering why people get completely obsessed with a game that they make it their life??? I enjoy a good story and thus I game, but seriously what do you guys think?
  • Forum Post: MLB 2K12: It's NOT "The Show"but...

    I have a TON to say about my 30+ years of experiences with baseball video games. However, I'ma start this one with a pet peeve of mine with MLB2K11. The following is ripped from my reply to the post by Matt Harnett who hit it on the screws (under the MLB2K12 preview stream): "...Holding the...
  • Forum Post: mw3 Tournament in Melbourne

    Just letting you all know there's a MW3 tournament coming up around
  • Forum Post: what is the best ending you have seen in a game?

    What is the best ending you have seen in a game?
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite game series of all time?

    Mine would have to be Halo series, great story and hours of online play!
  • Forum Post: what do you all want to see in Halo 4?

    Hey guys, Specter here. I was wondering what you guys wanted to see in Halo 4. What so you think worked in the previous games and what do you think need to change.
  • Forum Post: Re: do u think that getting a high gamerscore means anything

    it gives you a sense of accomplishment an i like havin a higher gamerscore then my friends lol i have like 24,000 somthing i know its not alot but its buildin up only have 2 games fully completed
  • Forum Post: Group to get all the achievements in the servers that EA's shutting down.

    A few days ago EA announced that it was shutting down the servers for the following games: August 11, 2011 Online Service Shutdown Army of Two (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) Army of Two Demo (Xbox 360) Battlefield 2142 Demo (PC) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox 360) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo (Xbox...
  • Forum Post: Re: Looking for friendly players

    You guys can send me a friend request. I'm actually trying to talk to/get to know more people since I only have people I know on Facebook & in real life on my friends list. (Gamertag is Sangheili94)
  • Forum Post: XBox Live

    Hello, For the past several years, online multiplayer has been considered the end-all be-all of gaming. Games that don't have it, or don't have a substantial dedication to it are slammed or are considered lacking. Recently, I started another Gold membership on XBox Live, and I downloaded Risk...
  • Forum Post: $39.99 For Portal 2 new?

    I loved the whole of 2 hours I spent on the first portal and am probably getting Portal: Still Alive for Xbox Live Arcade monday, should I trade in a few games and pick up Portal 2, regardless of the fact that none of my friends have it, so co-op is probably a no go?
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite game to play multiplayer on?

    A good multi player base for a game like Halo Reach or Black Ops, makes it have almost infinite replay value. Every match is different and usually they have it set up to where you always have some way to rank up or unlock cool new items. For some people, playing Call of Duty with people over Xbox Live...
  • Forum Post: Xbox 360 2011 & Beyond

    So Microsoft says that they have plenty of surprises and some big announcements in store for 2011. With heavy competition from PS3 (loads of exclusives) and Nintendo (3ds/Wii2?), what do you think MS has up their sleeves? p.s. Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 have already been confirmed for Fall 2011. Will...
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