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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Does anyone else think Microsoft wants to eat our brains?

    I know this may seem a bit weird, but I keep having this weird dream where while I am playing my Xbox (usually playing Diablo III) and the creatures come out of my TV. The weirdest part about it is that the creatures are being led by Bill Gates and he is the most viscious out of them all. The dream is...
  • Forum Post: Who wants to play Injustice Gods Among Us?

    I'm looking for challengers on IGAU that are around anyone from level 30-70. My gamertag: Bony 4D
  • Forum Post: Favorite Xbox 360 game ever?

  • Forum Post: Possibility of Xbox Live Multi-player being connected over Both the 360 and the 720

    I don't know much about PC's but is it not possible for one player with low end graphics and another with High end graphics to play with each other online? If this is true would it not be possible for the Xbox 360 and 720 to do the same? Could a player on the 360 play with someone on the 720...
  • Forum Post: Damage Inc. co-op

    I love dogfights, and after trying out almost all of the demos for dogfight games I came upon the game Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. I fell in love with it through just the demo. I have game fly, and will rent it soon enough. The only problem is my wife has a few games in the Q in front of it so...
  • Forum Post: What are your thoughts on dishonored

    I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on the game Dishonored, and I would like to hear some more. What do the people of game informer think about the steam punk game Dishonored?
  • Forum Post: Guess The Game Quote

    Post a game quote and see if anyone can guess what game it is from.
  • Forum Post: Dead space 3 demo

    I just played the dead space 3 demo and it is pretty damn good. Go to Dead Space 3 Blog to see what I thought about the game so far.
  • Forum Post: Darksiders Great games or a pain in the ass

    I played Darksiders, and it is not a bad game. I did enjoy playing it, but it was a pain it the ass. Darksiders II seems alright also. I am just wondering if anyone else enjoys playing the game, but also feels like it is a pain in the ass. I love the puzzles. It reminds me of Soul Reaver, but all the...
  • Forum Post: Dead Space 3

    I just signed up for a early demo for Dead Space 3. This game reminds me of the GameCube game Eternal Darkness. That is one of my all time favorite games. Is anyone else looking forward to playing this game?
  • Forum Post: Xbox 360 guilty pleasures

    What is one of your Xbox 360 guilty pleasures? Any stupid game that is not that great, but you love to play it. N+ is mine. It is not a great game by any measure, but when that crudely drawn ninja blows up it makes me laugh every time.
  • Forum Post: Your favorite game for the Xbox 360

    What is your favorite game for the Xbox 360? I enjoy Devil May Cry 4. I have been playing the series from the first Devil May Cry.
  • Forum Post: Fighting game deathmatch

    I think my Holiday list might need some rearranging, what fighting game do you think I should get?
  • Forum Post: make Square Enix help out its fan.

    Please xbox fans all over this forum help out your fellow gamers by asking square enix to bring the kingdom hearts 1.5 HD collection on xbox 360 as well as the ps3. just sign the link below it takes like 30 seconds please i know the xbox community was one thing that made it better than ps3 so please...
  • Forum Post: kingdom hearts 1.5 HD collection should also be released on x box 360

    I am a kingdom hearts fan and i believe it plays a great role in gaming, kingdom hearts has a exciting storyline , fun and memorable characters and offers great hours of game play. However there is a important issue that is troubling me kingdom hearts is making a HD collection (this will be a HD version...
  • Forum Post: If You Had to Sell Every One of Your Xbox Games Except for Three, Which Ones Would You Keep?

    For me it would be Assassin's Creed 3, Skyrim, and Halo 3.
  • Forum Post: Best free roaming games? Please tell me.

  • Forum Post: Re: Pre-Owned XBOX 360 Question

    @mojomonkey12 I have mainly been looking on lately and have seen 4 GB used Slims going for as low as $120. That's nearly half the price of new 4 GB Slims. As far as having all the accessories, I assume it would but I study things online very carefully before I buy them. Thank you...
  • Forum Post: Pre-Owned XBOX 360 Question

    Hello everybody. I am new to the forums but have been coming to the site for years and been commenting for months and I have a question. A friend of mine has been considering (and I have been too) buying a Pre-Owned XBOX 360 Slim, and we were wondering if there have been any problems with the slim models...
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