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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Fighting game deathmatch

    I think my Holiday list might need some rearranging, what fighting game do you think I should get?
  • Forum Post: make Square Enix help out its fan.

    Please xbox fans all over this forum help out your fellow gamers by asking square enix to bring the kingdom hearts 1.5 HD collection on xbox 360 as well as the ps3. just sign the link below it takes like 30 seconds please i know the xbox community was one thing that made it better than ps3 so please...
  • Forum Post: If You Had to Sell Every One of Your Xbox Games Except for Three, Which Ones Would You Keep?

    For me it would be Assassin's Creed 3, Skyrim, and Halo 3.
  • Forum Post: awesome idea real steel!

    someone should make real steel the video game for kinect xbox360 you could shadow box use voice commands make your own moves plus use the controller maybe a great multiplayer build up your bot and play with shadow boxing voice or controller more you win the better you can make your bot avg awards for...
  • Forum Post: Free Xbox Multiplayer

    Everyone Please if you want free Multiplayer and more on Xbox Live please sign this petition .We want everyone who is sick and tired of paying so much money and getting so little from XBL Gold so sign this please! All they need is your first name...
  • Forum Post: Marry Boff Kill

    This is a fun yet simple question to ask friends. that is from PodCast Unlocked from IGNs XBOX essentric podcast. marry - a game you cannot live without and will play for life. Boff - is a game you can go short periods of time without playing. Although you would never sell or give away that specific...
  • Forum Post: Why do we do the things that we do??

    Is wondering why people get completely obsessed with a game that they make it their life??? I enjoy a good story and thus I game, but seriously what do you guys think?
  • Forum Post: Best XBLA Games from the last 6 months?

    I've been out of the loop for XBLA, due mainly to Skyrim. So...what are the favorites from the last 6 months? My friend said there was an article on GI about the best recent XBLA games that you might have missed, but I can't find it here anymore. Any suggestions are appreciated. :)
  • Forum Post: what is the best ending you have seen in a game?

    What is the best ending you have seen in a game?
  • Forum Post: Interweb help please!

    I recently got a new router cause of an att swap for u-verse. the router works fine and the internet connection is perfect. my xbox can connect and my connection is at full. online gaming is fine too. no lags on my part. the only problem is when my xbox starts up it doesn't automatically connect...
  • Forum Post: Re: do u think that getting a high gamerscore means anything

    it gives you a sense of accomplishment an i like havin a higher gamerscore then my friends lol i have like 24,000 somthing i know its not alot but its buildin up only have 2 games fully completed
  • Forum Post: Group to get all the achievements in the servers that EA's shutting down.

    A few days ago EA announced that it was shutting down the servers for the following games: August 11, 2011 Online Service Shutdown Army of Two (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) Army of Two Demo (Xbox 360) Battlefield 2142 Demo (PC) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox 360) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo (Xbox...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty: Elite

    I was wondering what you people think about Call of Duty: Elite. Do you like it or love it? Do you hate it or don't like it? Maybe it scares you? Why is your opinion your opinion? I personally think it is cool because it could help me learn the maps more and I could learn a few tips for the maps...
  • Forum Post: Good RPG?

    What is a good RPG. I'm looking for one besides the Mass Effect series and Fallout series. Any responses would help! Also, if anyone has Crysis 2 and wants to play add me on xbox 360. My GT is JJBXD (as spelled [all caps]), XD
  • Forum Post: Crysis 2 DLC

    I was wondering, is there going to be some DLC for Crysis 2? I really like Crysis 2 and I want it to last for a very long time. Also, I heard that a map editor is coming out for Crysis 2. Is that only for PC or also for 360? I love to make maps (especially on Halo: Reach) and the map editor will be FREAKING...
  • Forum Post: Chronicles of Riddick for Games on Demand

    Last month, or maybe Jan, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, came out on Xbox Lives Games on Demand. Simply wondering if anyone knows if the downloadable version includes Everything the retail version had, or just Dark Athena. Thanks in advance! (or not)
  • Forum Post: a true halo fan

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