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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Fighting game deathmatch

    I think my Holiday list might need some rearranging, what fighting game do you think I should get?
  • Forum Post: New Skyrim DLC (Dragonborn), worth it?

    Alright, so all my Skyrim data got deleted by accident (Not that far. Only level 50) and now I've had to start over (level 20 now). I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Dawnguard. Now I would like to know if the new Skyrim DLC is worth getting or should I just keep Dawnguard by itself...?
  • Forum Post: Halo 4

    Can't wait for Halo 4! Who's with me?
  • Forum Post: what is the best ending you have seen in a game?

    What is the best ending you have seen in a game?
  • Forum Post: Sould I get Skyrim?

    Hey, I'm really on the edge here. There's so many new and great games coming out, but there's one disc out there I'm not sure I'll spend $60 to pop into my Xbox: Skyrim. I've never played an Elder Scrolls Game before, however I did thoroughly enjoy Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I've...
  • Forum Post: Good RPG?

    What is a good RPG. I'm looking for one besides the Mass Effect series and Fallout series. Any responses would help! Also, if anyone has Crysis 2 and wants to play add me on xbox 360. My GT is JJBXD (as spelled [all caps]), XD
  • Forum Post: Games to Get?

    I just got a new 360 S last week (won it in a contest, lucky me) and I got Reach, but anybody wanna recommend some other good games? Don't recommend anything that's multiplatform though, I play all multi stuff on my PS3.
  • Forum Post: $39.99 For Portal 2 new?

    I loved the whole of 2 hours I spent on the first portal and am probably getting Portal: Still Alive for Xbox Live Arcade monday, should I trade in a few games and pick up Portal 2, regardless of the fact that none of my friends have it, so co-op is probably a no go?
  • Forum Post: OK guys, make me want an Xbox 360

    I've been subscribed to gameinformer for 2 years now. I am very excited to see that they finally relaunched the website because come on, go to a month ago and it was a very horrible mess. I also can't wait for the new issue of GI, which probably is sitting in my mailbox as I...
  • Forum Post: The Official Xbox 360 Buying thread

    Mod note: Please use this thread for all questions and discussion on purchasing a 360. Thanks : ) Im thinking about buying a 360 for black friday but i got a ps3 already is it worth the money because people say the discs get scratched easy,red rings,and also because of the cost of online.but i just need...
  • Forum Post: The "What Xbox/Xbox 360 Game Should I Get?" thread

    So the Xbox 360 forums do get cluddered with "Should I get...?" threads, ask if you should get a Xbox or Xbox 360 game in this thread. I'm sorta reviving this thread from the old forums because I found this thread pretty helpful. EDIT : I don't think people are getting the point to...
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