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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Bringing Back the Older 360 games no one plays online anymore.

    Hey Guys I'm a xbox 360 gamer and I have a few older 360 games that I don't play anymore but refuse to get rid of because of their previous epicness. I have games like Battlefield Bad Co 2, with vietnam expansion. Aliens Vs. Predator and a few others I can't remember right now. (I will post...
  • Forum Post: my xbox 360 games

    Heres a list of some of the games Ive had over the years. dead space 2, resident evil 5, bioshock 2, black ops, modern warfare 3, dead island, dead riseing, fallout 3, fallout new vegas, gta4, gtsa, gtaIII, midnightclub la, forza 4, forza 2, tom clancy hawx 2, skyrim, halo 3, mass effect 2, saints row...
  • Forum Post: Best free roaming games? Please tell me.

  • Forum Post: Halo 4

    Can't wait for Halo 4! Who's with me?
  • Forum Post: Clan edit/new clan

    If you would like to join a good clan on many games such as all COD, BF3, Killzone 2 & 3, and many others than you are right for this SLIPKNOT themed clan. After a few skill tests we will decide if you're in. Just friend thezombiegamer on xbox360 or Akurei13 on PS3. We are primarily on mulitplayer...
  • Forum Post: what is the best ending you have seen in a game?

    What is the best ending you have seen in a game?
  • Forum Post: what do you all want to see in Halo 4?

    Hey guys, Specter here. I was wondering what you guys wanted to see in Halo 4. What so you think worked in the previous games and what do you think need to change.
  • Forum Post: Re: Adult/Older gamers?

    I'm with you Lux! Its one of the reasons why I lost interest in playing MW2: I was muting most if not all people who had voice capability 'cause those were the people that you, bdub668 & AbolishedSword are describing.
  • Forum Post: COD ELITE and MW3 anyone?

    I am trying to put together a clan for MW3 on COD ELITE. Plus fill my member base for my clan's forum. Please if you are interested in playing with mature and talented players, give me a friend request on XBL and I will send out an invite on COD ELITE.
  • Forum Post: Does anyone want MW4?

    anyone who has played the MW3 campaign please tell me if it should continue.
  • Forum Post: Do you need a clan?

    Hello. I'm Thezombiegamer. I'm young but pretty good. So if you need a clan please ask me on Xbox live or (On PSN ) at Akurei 13. The hopefully succsesful clan doesn't have a name or a basis or judgement towards potential members. I'll you have to do is join is invite me or my brother...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty: Elite

    I was wondering what you people think about Call of Duty: Elite. Do you like it or love it? Do you hate it or don't like it? Maybe it scares you? Why is your opinion your opinion? I personally think it is cool because it could help me learn the maps more and I could learn a few tips for the maps...
  • Forum Post: Crysis 2 DLC

    I was wondering, is there going to be some DLC for Crysis 2? I really like Crysis 2 and I want it to last for a very long time. Also, I heard that a map editor is coming out for Crysis 2. Is that only for PC or also for 360? I love to make maps (especially on Halo: Reach) and the map editor will be FREAKING...
  • Forum Post: Brink: Who has it preordered or plans on getting it?

    Brink comes out on tuesday and I am unbelievably excited. I was just wondering who would be getting it when it first releases on the 360?
  • Forum Post: If you had to pick one xbox 360 game which would you pick?

    If you had to choose between xbox 360 games for their offline only, which would you pick?
  • Forum Post: a true halo fan

    No advertising.
  • Forum Post: Star Wars Republic Commandos 2?????

    Hey. Anyone remember lucasarts classic FPS game for Xbox and PC. They should make a sequel, and put it on ps3 too. what do you think?
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