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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Re: What is your favorite game series of all time?

    It would have to be Halo. The original Halo: Combat Evolved is the most fun I have ever had gaming. There has never been another time where me and all my friends only played one specific game for well over a year (probably about two years). Awesome memories linking up four XBOX consoles and playing 16...
  • Forum Post: Happy Halo Day

    Its 1/17 Today which translates to 117 so dust off that Halo 4 disk and play some matchmaking!
  • Forum Post: Best Halo 4 Coverage On The Web!

    Hey fellow GI readers! Just thought I'd share this great resource for all Halo 4 related news and discussion. This would be BravoMLG's channel Bravo is a former MLG Pro and now is more of a youtube personality, he's also part of the broadcast crew for MLG Halo...
  • Forum Post: Halo 4

    Can't wait for Halo 4! Who's with me?
  • Forum Post: If you could make a video game version of the Avengers. Which charters would you chose to star in the movie.

    You need six video game charters in this movie. The rules are that only two charters can be from the same game. i know a lot of you are going to pick Masterchief but be creative. Also come up with a name for your team. Assemble.
  • Forum Post: Online/Co-op Games?

    Hey all, Im new to the site but a diehard xbox user. I usually stuck with the basics of Halo, CoD, Gears, and a few others here and there. Recently, Ive been getting into the Co-op and online campaign games but I cant seem to find any good ones. I rented Rage, which is amazing, Prey, which was ehhh....
  • Forum Post: Halo 4

    Hey out there in cyber-gaming-space. I'm new here (as you can probably tell by that initial sentence) but i just wanted to know how STOKED y'all are for HALO 4?!? I mean, i am incredibly excited, and am most likely going to pre-order it. But I wanna know how YOU guys feel.
  • Forum Post: Attention all Halo fans

    My name is Marcus, and I am sure all of you are *** platinum, bricks since the gameplay presentation of Halo 4 (I know I did). I am looking to build a Halo community. When I first started playing on xbox live in the days of Halo 3, pretty much all of my friends list was nothing but hardcore Halo fans...
  • Forum Post: Halo 4 - Is it going to have Forge Mode?

  • Forum Post: Is Anyone Else Skeptical About 343's Direction For Halo 4?

    I was insanely exited about Halo 4 when they showed the trailer back at E3. However, at this point, as more information has been leaked, I'm not sure I'm 100% on board for 343's direction. It's not that I'm not open for new directions for a franchise- adding changes to make it fresh...
  • Forum Post: People who left Halo For Call of Duty, Will you be returning for Halo 4?

    Halo 3 was by far the best multiplayer experience in 2007 Everyone was on it. But People soon began to notice Call of duty as an upcoming Competitor and left Halo For Call of duty or just went Straight To Call Of Duty Without Ever playing Halo 2 or Halo 3 Online. Any thoughts on Returning to the Halo...
  • Forum Post: what do you all want to see in Halo 4?

    Hey guys, Specter here. I was wondering what you guys wanted to see in Halo 4. What so you think worked in the previous games and what do you think need to change.
  • Forum Post: Halo Anniversary

    Everyone, don't hate me for saying this, but Halo Anniversary should have had it's own multiplayer instead of using the exact data from your Halo : Reach. I understand that some people might not have bought Reach and therefore got both (besides Reach's campaign), but I feel 343 should have...
  • Forum Post: What was the first Xbox game you ever played?

    The first game I ever played was Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo: CE was the the game that would get me to buy every other one in the series, as well as becoming obsessed with gaming. Even from the all the games that have released since then, Halo: CE still amazes me. Which makes all the wait for Halo: CE...
  • Forum Post: Halo Anniversary Confusion

    Alright so in november Halo anniversary comes out about mid month. I know I am excited. But I've noticed a lot of people here dont really know the details fully about what it is going to included exactly. There is a little confusion on what is going to be putr into the game. 1. The campaign is exactly...
  • Forum Post: If you had to pick one xbox 360 game which would you pick?

    If you had to choose between xbox 360 games for their offline only, which would you pick?
  • Forum Post: Bungie should make another halo game

    I was thinking real hard on this so ok we now know the whole story of halo but before the invasion & down fall of REACH was harvest then followed by REACH. I really think that they should but hey who the heck can push Bungie around? I'm NOT doing but this is a suggestion because then we would...
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