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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: Best Halo 4 Coverage On The Web!

    Hey fellow GI readers! Just thought I'd share this great resource for all Halo 4 related news and discussion. This would be BravoMLG's channel Bravo is a former MLG Pro and now is more of a youtube personality, he's also part of the broadcast crew for MLG Halo...
  • Forum Post: If you could make a video game version of the Avengers. Which charters would you chose to star in the movie.

    You need six video game charters in this movie. The rules are that only two charters can be from the same game. i know a lot of you are going to pick Masterchief but be creative. Also come up with a name for your team. Assemble.
  • Forum Post: what is the best ending you have seen in a game?

    What is the best ending you have seen in a game?
  • Forum Post: Do you need a clan?

    Hello. I'm Thezombiegamer. I'm young but pretty good. So if you need a clan please ask me on Xbox live or (On PSN ) at Akurei 13. The hopefully succsesful clan doesn't have a name or a basis or judgement towards potential members. I'll you have to do is join is invite me or my brother...
  • Forum Post: Re: If you had to pick one xbox 360 game which would you pick?

    Halo Reach hands down, i can't think of nothing else
  • Forum Post: Crysis 2 DLC

    I was wondering, is there going to be some DLC for Crysis 2? I really like Crysis 2 and I want it to last for a very long time. Also, I heard that a map editor is coming out for Crysis 2. Is that only for PC or also for 360? I love to make maps (especially on Halo: Reach) and the map editor will be FREAKING...
  • Forum Post: If you had to pick one xbox 360 game which would you pick?

    If you had to choose between xbox 360 games for their offline only, which would you pick?
  • Forum Post: How Many People Still Play Halo 3?

    Someone told me that there are still more people playing Halo 3 than there are Reach. Is this true? I know there are about 100,000-150,000 people on Reach, so how many are still playing 3?
  • Forum Post: a true halo fan

    No advertising.
  • Forum Post: Re: The official Halo: Reach thread

    Bungie seems to be straying towards near future war games if you guys want to check it out heres the link:
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite game to play multiplayer on?

    A good multi player base for a game like Halo Reach or Black Ops, makes it have almost infinite replay value. Every match is different and usually they have it set up to where you always have some way to rank up or unlock cool new items. For some people, playing Call of Duty with people over Xbox Live...
  • Forum Post: Xbox 360 2011 & Beyond

    So Microsoft says that they have plenty of surprises and some big announcements in store for 2011. With heavy competition from PS3 (loads of exclusives) and Nintendo (3ds/Wii2?), what do you think MS has up their sleeves? p.s. Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 have already been confirmed for Fall 2011. Will...
  • Forum Post: Halo Reach Review Video

    Im an ametuer and will appreciate any feedback Thanks for watching :)
  • Forum Post: Halo: Reach Easter Eggs/Glitches

    <==WARNING: SPOILER ALERT==> <==IF YOU HAVN'T BEATEN REACH'S CAMPAIGN YET THEN DON'T READ ON==> So I know people have found quite a few easter eggs in Reach. A couple of them being the Elites with Data Pads and the Tribute Room, but I want to know what the community at large has...
  • Forum Post: Halo Reach File Share Suggestions

    Through the theater mode and the amazingly enriched Forge, Halo Reach's user-created content is very robust. I've played a few amazing maps and gametypes, and seen a lot of awesome screenshots and videos. However, there is a problem: a growing infestation of pictures of Kat's butt, spartan...
  • Forum Post: Halo Reach: Assault Rifle vs. Plasma Rifle?

    When playing Halo Reach, when given the option, do you prefer using the standard Assault Rifle or the Covenant Plasma Rifle? What do you find the pros and cons of both to be? Do you use them as your primary weapon or secondary weapon?
  • Forum Post: Halo: Reach... What do you want to see?

    What do you want to see in halo reach when it comes out other than the stuff they comfirmed is going to be in the game. Maybe other armor abilities?
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