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Fancy yourself an Xbox type? Here you can get into the discussion for all things Microsoft gaming including Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Live Arcade. Trade Gamertags, set up online matches or just debate Halo multiplayer maps.

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  • Forum Post: What is your favorite xbox 360 game?

    Hello, What do you guys like to play now a days? I play a lot on my xbox one so I gave my xbox 360 to my cousin. He asked me what games are good and I told him I donno! So I reach out to game informer. Respond with the best games.
  • Forum Post: my xbox 360 games

    Heres a list of some of the games Ive had over the years. dead space 2, resident evil 5, bioshock 2, black ops, modern warfare 3, dead island, dead riseing, fallout 3, fallout new vegas, gta4, gtsa, gtaIII, midnightclub la, forza 4, forza 2, tom clancy hawx 2, skyrim, halo 3, mass effect 2, saints row...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Giveaway

    I would like to share this with you all. It's a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Giveaway, it's pretty neat and it's a giveaway to start this new network called GPN. Watch the video and hopefully you guys sign up :)
  • Forum Post: If you could make a video game version of the Avengers. Which charters would you chose to star in the movie.

    You need six video game charters in this movie. The rules are that only two charters can be from the same game. i know a lot of you are going to pick Masterchief but be creative. Also come up with a name for your team. Assemble.
  • Forum Post: Repercussion Gaming clan - recruiting MW3 players

    Hi! Our xbox360 clan, Reprecussion Gaming (rG) is now recruiting. We are a fairly new clan looking to recruit players of all abilities. We play mostly Hc objective games, have just started GBs and have practices 2 times weekly. The clan is made up of leaders who have...
  • Forum Post: mw3 Tournament in Melbourne

    Just letting you all know there's a MW3 tournament coming up around
  • Forum Post: MW3 Are the new maps worth the extra money for elite

    Hey guys, i am a avid COD player but i also do enjoy playing BF3. i am indifferent to which is better. im just wondering and this is more geared toward people who have COD Elite. is it worth it to pay the premium membership for the new map a month for Mw3. i have one friend who has elite premium and...
  • Forum Post: Interweb help please!

    I recently got a new router cause of an att swap for u-verse. the router works fine and the internet connection is perfect. my xbox can connect and my connection is at full. online gaming is fine too. no lags on my part. the only problem is when my xbox starts up it doesn't automatically connect...
  • Forum Post: New Clan anyone??

    I was just wondering if anyone wants to join this clan i made. FTW (for the win). this clan is for those you try to win the game, by ANY COST Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE NECESSARY!! you use whatever works. whether it be the stricker or the type 95. you get the job done and earn big...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone want MW4?

    anyone who has played the MW3 campaign please tell me if it should continue.
  • Forum Post: Better weapon attachments on call of duty

    Got a favorite weapon attachment? Think you have an idea for a better one? I think that slugs or dragons breath rounds for shotguns would be cool for multiplayer.
  • Forum Post: Do you need a clan?

    Hello. I'm Thezombiegamer. I'm young but pretty good. So if you need a clan please ask me on Xbox live or (On PSN ) at Akurei 13. The hopefully succsesful clan doesn't have a name or a basis or judgement towards potential members. I'll you have to do is join is invite me or my brother...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty: Elite

    I was wondering what you people think about Call of Duty: Elite. Do you like it or love it? Do you hate it or don't like it? Maybe it scares you? Why is your opinion your opinion? I personally think it is cool because it could help me learn the maps more and I could learn a few tips for the maps...
  • Forum Post: Just how prevalent is cheating/modded controllers in Call of Duty on 360?

    Sometimes you come up against somebody who is just plain better than you and I have no problem with that. I can tell when I got outplayed and I try to learn from those experiences. And sometimes you come up against somebody who is very clearly and obviously cheating by using a modded controller or a...
  • Forum Post: If you had to pick one xbox 360 game which would you pick?

    If you had to choose between xbox 360 games for their offline only, which would you pick?
  • Forum Post: Black Ops photo contest

    This is a contest available to everyone and will go on for about a month, depending on how many replies I get in the first week or so. All I want are some awesome Black Ops screenshotsm by YOU! Here are the basic rules. 1. You will only be allowed to give in one screenshot the whole contest, so choose...
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite game to play multiplayer on?

    A good multi player base for a game like Halo Reach or Black Ops, makes it have almost infinite replay value. Every match is different and usually they have it set up to where you always have some way to rank up or unlock cool new items. For some people, playing Call of Duty with people over Xbox Live...
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