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Being an achievement whore

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  • I also got all of the Assassins Creed 2 achievements, and the first one too, but that was only because I loved the games. I actually almost got all the Brotherhood (missing one) and Revelations (only missing dlc). I was close on AC3, but my game glitched out a part of my 100% stat. But AC2 is actually the highest game for gamers to get the platinum trophy. On PS3 at least, but my guess is that the list isn't too different from the 360 aside from the exclusives.


    The most grinding I can remember is building a really long railroad track just for the final achievement in Minecraft. I also did a few other games gathering items just for a few achievements.

    One that I gave up on was Spec Ops: The Line. All I needed to do was beat it on Fubar difficulty(the hardest one), and I didn't have the time or patience for it haha.

  • Resident Evil 5

  • Im guilty of being an achievement whore and have tried to stop when it comes to some games but i just cant! I find myself not getting as into the story or game play of a game as i should be at times because im stopping all the time looking up achievements on youtube or IGN or something. Wish i wasnt so anal about finding them as i play thru games...lol.

  • I'm guilty of doing that with my previous gamer tag with Madden 06, Eragon and TMNT. After my hard drive crashed it has all been legit games but I don't get the time I would like to gain all the achievements. On top of that, I can't stand multiplayer only achievements because once the game goes offline you can no longer unlock them which is aggravating when you have that achievement need.

  • I used to be a major Achievement Whore. My friend that I play with most often is a big-time achievement whore in every game he plays.

    What broke me of that was Assassin's Creed. Templar AND flags? Going through the game 3 times to find out that my flag was bugged? No. Not again.

    I found that going for achievements added to much stress to my gaming life. I have limited time to play games, and I don't want to get stressed while I play. I want a challenge, not to go shopping. Not to play a game 3 times to kill all the pidgeons because it bugged twice. Or to grind in multiplayer until I get a certain level.

    If achievements were actual achievements, I would probably still get them. But until then... no thanks.


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