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  • Ok for all you people that insisted that you would be able to play with the master chief in reach I can finally say in your face!!!! You will not be able to play with the master chief! There are 150 spartans. Yes that makes master chief spartan 117. 28 of the 150 spartans where away from reach when the UNSC decided to call 25 of those spartans back to reach for intelligence briefing. The breif included plans to board a covenant ship to see where the covenants main planet is. 2 to 3 days after briefing the covenant began their assault on Reach. It is then when Master chief along with the crew see a slip space rupture and knowing their mission took a fast and quick moment to fallow into it. That leave Master cheif out of the picture in reach. He was and still is the only spartan of the 25 out of 28 that was called back that lived. That leaves 3 other spartans alive because remember I said 25 of the 28 that where off Reach were called back. These 3 spartans live for many years untill there death in the halo wars series. There also are what I will call Sierra's. Remember when i said there are only 150 spartans....well in the video you hear a Sierra 320 [aka a spartan in training to be an official spartan]. Sierra 320 was calling in need of a spartan to help. She and the other Sierra's were on reach. There was about 150 or more Sierra's or spartans in training on reach helping the full blown spartans. Who we'll play as....Im not sure. But its not master chief.  Multiplayer beta.....its not coming fast enough

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  • I thought when you put this in General Gaming, I thought this game was going


  • Link or BS.

  • wait so treestump you dont belive me??? wow i love how close knit this gaming community is

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  • Umm, can that be reposted coherently?  I think you got really excited and wrote this really quickly.  I'd really like to know what you're talking about (I'm being serious), but I can't understand your post.

    P.S.  Halo Wars is before even Halo in the timeline.

  • Well if you cant get it im sorry. im not going to re write my toughts in a super simple way. it will be forever long



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  • Are you high?

  • whats the point of arguing about this ***? i mean i love the halo series, i love the characters but who cares who u get to play as, just shoot *** and blow *** up.

  • Is everyone FXXKIN SERIOUS??? These are facts. I was excited to talk about this with everyone but apparently I'm a J4ck4ss for trying to tell everyone. Then when halo reach comes out and everyone see's I'm right everyones going to remember this.

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  • it doesnt matter , really, im not going to get reach, the halo series seems to be dying, and halo 3 was disappointing, but each to his own correct?

  • You are just taking stuff from the book, we have no idea if Bungie is basing the game around the same story in the book or if they are using the setting from the book but using different characters and stuff.

  • First yes and yes we do. Bungie is fallowing the story because it is their story so duhhh and yes we do know that we are using different characters. They will all be new to us, the ones we play with.

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  • Until Bungie says something it's impossible for you to be 100% sure about anything. Just wait until they show something from the game before you start posting stuff like you have new information.

  • they have shown something! did you not see the trailer!? everything that has happend in the book at the trailers time frame has happend in there. If you look at the split in half space ship from the unsc in the smoke FLOATING IN SPACE you can see a dead spartan floating around. In the book that happend, that spartan died that way. im sorry i would tell you his name but i forgot. if you'd like to know i can check for you

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